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  • 10 Jan 1986
  • 0m
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 10 Jan 1986
  • Running time 0m


Sivaji is a director whose dream project is to make the love saga of Salim and Anarkali. After a long search for an apt girl to fit into the role of Anarkali, he finds it in a beggar. He starts the movie with Nalini as Anarkali. K. R. Vijaya, wife of Sivaji starts suspecting Sivaji and Nalini's relationship and this results in turmoil inside their family. Nalini learns of this and feels that because of her, her mentor's life should not be in a mess, she leaves them without notice. Sivaji stops the project. Years later, Sivaji has a son and Prabhu, who is into spirituality and wishes to lead life as a bachelor. Sivaji on one occasion, watches a dance by Bhuvani and jumps in glory that he has again found his Anarkali in that danseuse. He discovers that the girl who danced was Nalini's daughter. Nalini's daughter is now chosen as Anarkali and Prabhu is selected as Salim. Prabhu and Bhuvani fall in love in real life too. As the drama unfolds, finally Prabhu and Bhuvani die by taking poison in a touching climax.

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