Andru Peytha Mazhaiyil poster

Andru Peytha Mazhaiyil

  • 1989

Rajesh is a happy family man living with his wife Preethi and his daughter Abhi. His friend is Vinodh. He meets Capri (Silk Smitha) by chance. Preethi's mother falls sick and she starts to her home town. On a rainy evening, he mets Capri and starts an steamy affair by chance. She starts haunting him and makes him worried. Preethi senses something weird and suggests a long holiday. They enjoy their trip, while Capri searches for him. All her attempts go in vain. Rajesh asks her to forget him, but she announces her pregnancy. He is shocked and refuses to accept the child. Rajesh's friend suggest to him to go away far from the city so that he could live in peace. Capri has a bad past. She was married and got pregnant, but lost her husband and unborn child in an accident. She becomes mentally ill and since, she wants to keep Rajesh with her forever. She follows Rajesh and finds his new house. Rajesh and family leave for a party to Vinodh's house. Capri kills the rabbit in Rajesh's house and places it in a pressure cooker. He tells his wife about the affair. Preethi calls Capri and warns her not to disturb her family. The next day their daughter goes missing. Capri takes Abi to a park. Preethi gets hit by a car during the search. Rajesh gets violent and tries to kill her. He seeks the help of police to save him from this issue. After a day, Assistant commissioner warns him to be safe as Capri goes missing. She comes in search of Preethi and tries to kill her. Rajesh fights with Capri, meanwhile, Preethi shoots Capri to save Rajesh. The court releases Preethi as she had shot Capri for self-defense. The movie ends on a happy note.

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