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Pudhu Vasantham

  • 14 Apr 1990
  • 2h 30m
  • Comedy, Drama
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 14 Apr 1990
  • Running time 2h 30m
  • Genres Comedy, Drama


Friends Balu, Michael, Raja and Manohar are street musicians who aim to achieve big in life despite leading a below poverty life. Balu sings, Michael dances and plays the tabla, Raja plays the guitar while Manohar plays the flute. One day, the friends come across Gowri, a seemingly mute girl. They help Gowri to find an address which she is looking for, however, the person Gowri intended to meet has left to London and will return only after a year. The four pity Gowri as she is helpless and allows her to stay with them.

Friendship blossoms for Gowri with four men and she does the household activities while the men seek opportunities to prove their talents. One day, they see Gowri negotiating with a vegetable vendor and the four get furious knowing Gowri has cheated them by acting as a mute girl. Gowri apologises to them and tells them her past.

Gowri is a rich girl born and brought up in Ooty. She is the only daughter of a rich estate owner, however her parents died when she was young following which Vishwam was appointed as her caretaker. Vishwam is greedy and plans to abduct Gowri's wealth. Gowri is in love with her schoolmate Suresh who hails from Madras.

Suresh has plans to leave to London for higher education. Meanwhile, Vishwam comes with a plan of marrying Gowri, so that he can inherit all her wealth. Gowri retaliates and runs away from Ooty to Madras with the hope of meeting Suresh. However, Suresh has already left for London before she could find his house.

Gowri says that the four men are so genuine and she liked their friendship which made her feel safe. Just to get their sympathy, she pretended to be mute. The four men are convinced and allow her to stay with them until Suresh returns. Gowri, with the help of her old business acquittance, gets an opportunity for the four men to perform at a music competition.

Meanwhile, Suresh returns from London and unites with Gowri. Now Gowri leaves to Suresh's home. Suresh does not like Gowri befriending these four poor men. Also, Suresh takes Gowri to a doctor to check her virginity which shatters Gowri. The four men visit Suresh's home requesting Gowri and Suresh to attend the competition, but Suresh turns down and insults them. The four men feel devastated and leave.

At the competition, the four men, to their surprise, find Gowri seated among audience during the competition. Post their performance, they enquire about Suresh, for which Gowri responds that she has broken up with Suresh as he has no trust on her. The four men win the competition and a chance to compose for a film. Gowri joins their troupe as a singer.

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