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Minsara Kanna

  • 09 Sep 1999
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Minsara Kanna is an Indian 1999 Tamil romantic dramedy thriller film written and directed by K. S. Ravikumar. The film features Vijay and Monica Castelino in the lead roles, while an ensemble supporting cast includes Rambha, Manivannan, Mansoor Ali Khan, R. Sundarrajan, Karan and Kovai Sarala. The film's title was derived from the song of the same name in Padayappa, which was also directed by K. S. Ravikumar.




  • Status Released
  • Release date 09 Sep 1999


The story is about a rich business tycoon, Indra Devi who has a troubled past. She lives alone in a huge mansion with her assistant. She does not have any male staff as she has extreme hatred for the opposite sex. One day, Kannan goes to Indra Devis house to take refuge to escape the cops. There he finds Indra Devi and her assistant being harassed by goons. He fights the goons and chases them away. After a few weeks, Indra Devis younger sister, Ishwarya comes to Ooty to pursue her studies. There she meets Kannan and the two are at odds from their very first meeting. In a series of comic events they both try to undermine the other in the household while Kannan’s popularity increases among the staff. Indra Devi strictly opposes Ishwarya’s relationship with men explaining her difficult past life to her and hopes that her sister never marries just like her. Once Kannan makes a place in Ishwaryas life he brings his family to Ooty to meet the love of his life. To get a place to live for a few days, Kannan and his family stay in Indra Devis house disguised, as cook, cleaners, drivers, gardens and etc. It is later revealed that Kannan are billionaires based in Germany and he is Ishwarya’s lover. The two along with Kannan’s family had arrived in India in order to convince Indira Devi that not all men are evil. When Indra Devi finds out about this she mistakes Kannan and his family for con men trying to use her sister to become rich. She attempts to marry her sister off to a suitor of her choice and has Kannan, his father and brother beaten up. As Ishwarya attempts to leave with them, she threatens to kill herself. Kannan and his family leave and go back to Germany, telling Indira Devi that they’d rather forget their love and live with its memories than have Ishwarya spend the rest of her life mourning her dead sister. As the family arrives home, they find Indira Devi and Ishwarya waiting for them there, indicating that the former has accepted Kannan.

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