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Kadhal Virus

  • 20 Dec 2002
  • 0m
  • Romance
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Kadhal Virus is a romance film written, directed and produced by Kathir. The film featured Richard Rishi, Ajith's brother-in-law, and Sridevi Vijaykumar, Vijayakumar's youngest daughter, making their acting debuts in the film, with Abbas in a supporting role. A. R. Rahman composed the music for the film, while Arjun Jena was the cinematographer for the project. The film tells the story of a young director, trying to pursue his dream by overcoming all hurdles. After much delay, the film opened in December 2002. Unlike his previous two films Kadhal Desam (1996) and Kadhalar Dhinam (1999), Kathir's Kadhal Virus was panned by critics and fared poorly at the box office.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 20 Dec 2002
  • Running time 0m
  • Genres Romance


Deepak is a budding filmmaker trying to get his first production out. He gets a chance to go to Coonoor to write a script for a movie where he meets and falls in love with Geetha. After a struggle, Geeta understands his love and convinces her father. The couple decide to get married once his first film is made. Deepak leaves for Chennai, promising to write letters to Geeta. However the postman who is secretly in love with Geeta hides all the letters sent by Deepak, including the later changing his address. A chasm develops between the lovers because of the communication issue caused by the postman.

Geeta convinces her father to search for Deepak and finds him successfully in a movie set. However she and her father misunderstand Deepak shouting at his assistants to be words meant for them and they leave. Deepak is heartbroken when he learns of Geeta's visit, however she is lost for ever in his life. Years go past, and now Deepak is a highly successful film director. He is in search of new faces for his upcoming movie. He comes across Rajiv, who is a poor aspiring actor. It however turns out that Rajiv is from a wealthy family, but has chosen a hard life because of his passion to be a movie star. Deepak knows of the hardships of the cine field and advises Rajiv to go back to his family giving up his dream, because Deepak feels Rajiv can lead a better life with his family. This leads to Rajiv getting rejected by other movie directors as well. Deepak does this to help Rajiv lead a good life rather than him struggling and wasting his time. Rajiv however consumes poison and attempts suicide.

Fate leads to Deepak overhearing a conversation between Geeta and her friend in a poor slum. Deepak is initially elated to see Geeta, however he is pained that she lives in such a filthy place. It turns out that Rajiv had married Geeta. She fully supports Rajiv in realizing his dream, but is repulsed to learn Deepak still has feelings for her and as a result rejected Rajiv and refuses him to have a career in cine industry. This is a complete misunderstanding on her part. Deepak decides to set things right. He invites Rajiv to his studio and promises he'll be the hero of his movie, under one condition that Rajiv must not tell Geeta that he is playing the protagonist in Deepak's movie. Rajiv is elated, and promises to keep this a secret.

Deepak alters his story to suit Rajiv. Due to the tweaks, the actor originally roped in to play the hero of the movie has to be chucked out of his role. The actor pleads with Deepak not to do it as it would ruin his reputation and dream. Deepak however does not budge and goes ahead with his plan to cast Rajiv. This causes friction between the movie producer and Deepak, leading to the producer dumping him. Deepak, out of his love for Geeta, decides to produce the movie himself, taking loans from creditors. The young actor whom Deepak chucked out of his movie vents out his anger by stabbing Deepak on the movie set. Deepak is admitted to a hospital and his health deteriorates. The creditors demand their money back and Deepak settles the debt with his own money. He continues directing the movie under severe financial and physical strain. He is determined to complete the movie and goes penniless as a result. The movie is completed and released. Deepak watches the movie in a theater sitting with commoners. He is completely broke and a pauper, but filled with happiness as he has made his lover's wish of making her husband a hero come true.

Rajiv reveals to Geeta about the movie. Geeta is upset when she finds out Deepak is the director, but realizes the hardships Deepak had to undergo. By chance she runs into the postman who reveals that it was him rather than Deepak who ruined her life. Geeta goes in search of Deepak, finally meets him in the theater only to find him dead with a smile on his face.


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