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  • 21 Oct 2006
  • 2h 45m
  • Action
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Vattaram is an action gangster film written, produced, and directed by Saran. The film stars Arya, Napoleon, and Kirat Bhattal in the lead roles. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by Bharathwaj. The film was released on 21 October 2006. This film was declared an average grosser at the box office. The film was dubbed in Hindi as Are You Ready To Fight.




  • Status Released
  • Release date 21 Oct 2006
  • Running time 2h 45m
  • Genres Action


Burma (Arya) is the son of Gurupadam's (Napoleon) chauffeur (Nassar). Gurupadam, a rich businessman and arms dealer is Burma’s role model, and his dream is to be like him. Soon, his father is framed by Ayravadham (Dhandapani), Gurupadam's right-hand man, and unable to bear the humiliation, he commits suicide. Burma grows up in the mean streets to be a gun dealer and waits for an opportunity to enter Gurupadam’s house and take revenge. Soon, he wins over Gurupadam and his daughter Sangeetha (Kirat Bhattal). But Ayra and Veeravel (Ramji), Gurupadom’s elder son, are tooth and nail opposed to him and fear that he will take over their empire. However, Burma uses tact and cunningness to overcome their resentment and wins over Gurupadom’s trust. Slowly, he starts to understand the machinations of the power play in the underworld. He uses Gurupadam’s bitter foe Karuppusamy aka A. K. Samy (Avinash), who was once Gurupadam's close friend to his advantage and causes havoc, which leads to a gripping climax.

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