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Puli Varudhu

  • 21 Dec 2007
  • 0m
  • Drama
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Puli Varudhu is a 2007 Tamil romantic comedy film directed by G. V. Kumar, starring Jithan Ramesh and Mallika Kapoor, with Manivannan, Saranya, Karunas, and Livingston in supporting roles. The music was composed by Srikanth Deva, and the film released on 21 December 2007 to mixed reviews.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 21 Dec 2007
  • Running time 0m
  • Genres Drama


Ramesh (Jithan Ramesh) is the son of Manivannan and Saranya. Karuppa (Karunas) and other friends stay in Ramesh's house as paying guests. Ramesh's parents treat them as their own. Ramesh's parents want their son to fall in love and get married, but Ramesh prefers an arranged marriage.

A mutual friend of Ramesh and Karuppa is getting a fixed marriage. Along with Karuppa, Ramesh goes to their friend's village to attend the marriage. On the way there, he has a dream that he meets a beautiful girl Shenbagam (Mallika Kapoor), but also that his friend would die in an accident. He wakes up with a shout and later attends the wedding with Karuppa. Ramesh later meets Gayathri (Mallika Kapoor again) and falls in love with her. Karuppa informs the love of Ramesh and Gayathri to Ramesh's parents.

Upon returning home, Ramesh's parents accept his love and affection for Gayathri. They plan to meet her and her parents in order to finalize their engagement and fix the marriage date. Ramesh then dreams again of his engagement to Gayathri. This time, before the marriage, his father passes away due to a heart attack, and Gayathri attempts to commit suicide. He again wakes up from the dream with a shout. Ramesh's parents ask him about the sudden scream, but he refuses to tell. Karuppa then asks him about it, and Ramesh tells his dream. In the morning, they wake up in the village. Things go as planned, but some of Ramesh's dreams become reality. Gayathri speaks to him, and they visit some of the places that she took him in his dream. After the engagement, Ramesh, his friends, and his family return home.

Ramesh fears that more of his dreams might come true and panics. He begins to avoid everyone and everything, including Gayathri. He even goes to the extent of cancelling the wedding. Does Ramesh overcome his fearsome dreams and do the lovers marry?


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