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  • 14 Jan 2008
  • 2h 8m
  • Action
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Kaalai is a 2008 Tamil action film directed by Tharun Gopi. The film stars Silambarasan and Vedhika in the lead roles while Lal, Sangeetha, Seema, Santhanam, and Sulile Kumar play supporting roles. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by G. V. Prakash Kumar. Early reports claimed the title were set to be Chennaiyil Irundhu Madhurai, Mosamanavan and Agaradhi. The film opened to mixed reviews and a super hit at the box office. It has been dubbed in Hindi as Jwalamukhi





  • Status Released
  • Release date 14 Jan 2008
  • Running time 2h 8m
  • Genres Action


Jeeva shares his name with two other people: one villain and one police officer Jeevanandham who becomes a villain. The confusion arising from this is a significant part of the plot.

At the age of nine, Jeeva’s grandmother Karuppayi Aatha slays five men because they scorned her father’s advice and illegally distilled alcohol in the village. After her return from prison, the villagers both fear and revere her, and consider her the head of the village.

Jeevanandham comes to the village ruled by Karuppayi Aatha to try to find illicit activity. When he cannot find anything, he is thrashed by the villagers. He returns to take vengeance, and in the course of the hostilities burns Karuppayi Aatha alive.

Jeeva the criminal is meanwhile wooing Jeevanandham’s daughter Brindha. But Brindha loves Jeeva, Karuppayi's grandson, and he wants to take revenge on his namesake for the death of his grandmother. He abducts Brindha as a hostage to lure her father to his death.[3]


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