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Sadhu Miranda

  • 08 Feb 2008
  • 2h 33m
  • Comedy
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Sadhu Mirandaal is a 2008 Tamil suspense comedy film directed by Siddique, starring Prasanna, Kavya Madhavan and Abbas in the lead roles. The story is about a normal man turned gangster. The film is loosely based on 1995 Malayalam film Mannar Mathai Speaking which was co-directed by Siddique himself




  • Status Released
  • Release date 08 Feb 2008
  • Running time 2h 33m
  • Genres Comedy


The movie begins with a robbery of 20 crores at the DID bank in Pondicherry, which belongs to the minister (Kota Srinivasa Rao). The robbers take hostages during the robbery and on encountering the police, they end up killing a college student. The story then shifts to Shiva/Sundaram (Prasanna), a visibly foolish person who is looking for David Raj (Manoj K. Jayan), where he saves a girl from getting molested by one of Raj's henchmen. Sundaram asks David for "stuff", telling that his friend Moorthy had asked him to get the stuff for Rs. 10000 and sell it for Rs. 20000. However, David, understanding that Moorthy is a fool, sends in 1 crore worth of heroin without the knowledge of Shiva (Raja Sridhar), saying that there will be a call to the phone he gives and tells him to deliver it to the address the caller says. Instead, David plans to get Sundaram caught red-handed dealing drugs by the police, so that they won't interfere in David's base of operations. However, Shiva goes the wrong way and comes across Priya (Kavya Madhavan) who is assisting an old lady carrying logs. Sundaram ends up helping her and in the meantime, another person with the same dress as Sundaram and a similar briefcase goes ahead and the police assume that he is Sundaram and catches that person. Sundaram then goes to see his friend Vellai (Karunas), where Vellai has taken money from a lender for interest to give to Shiva. At his place, they open up the package, and they both think it is toothpaste powder. In a comical twist, the moneylender and his assistant get caught by the police for dealing drugs.

The next day, Shiva calls the TV station where Priya works, where he reveals that he is the brother of Ram Mohan (Abbas) and that Moorthy must call him; else, he would die jumping from the top of a building. Worried, Priya calls the police, who navigate where Shiva is and as it turns out, he hadn't jumped but let Priya and the police know that Moorthy had called him by writing a message on the wall. After a couple of more encounters with Shiva, Priya starts to like him, but Shiva makes it clear that she cannot fall for her. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Ram Mohan and Priya are friends and Ram Mohan is planning on taking her to the US with him in a few days. Shiva gets angry as he doesn't want her to go to the US, so she plans to take Shiva with her as well. Priya finds some factors that lead her to decide that Shiva isn't who he says he is and throws him out of the house. He calls her the next day saying that he is going to commit suicide by setting himself on fire. In this melee, Ram Mohan comes from the US and Priya requests him to save Shiva; however, he is too late and Shiva dies.

After Shiva is sighted by Priya and Vellai, along with eerie happenings in the house like Priya's and Ram Mohan's passports being burned, Ram Mohan and Priya find out that Shiva is still alive. Based on previous information Shiva had mentioned to Priya, Ram Mohan deduces that Shiva is an IIT dropout who is actually called Sundaramoorthy and the person who he had shown as Moorthy was actually Ram Mohans brother Shiva. Ram Mohan poisons Priya's mind by saying that Shiva had killed Priya's father, who was the manager of the bank that was robbed at the beginning of the movie. Shiva attempts to kill Ram Mohan when Ram Mohan takes Priya to a sketch artist to get an image of Shiva. Ram Mohan escapes and Moorthy saves Priya from goons set by Ram Mohan. Upset and betrayed, thinking that Moorthy had killed her father, she injects him with a substance that will slowly kill him. On the verge of death, Moorthy explains that Ram Mohan and his actual brother Shiva are the ones who had robbed the bank and murdered her father. He also reveals that Ram Mohan had set his brother on fire when Shiva had tried to burn Ram Mohan alive, on Moorthy's orders. Priya calls her friend, a doctor (Thalaivasal Vijay) and he recommends medicine to keep Moorthy stabilized. Ram Mohan eavesdrops on the conversation and takes Priya hostage. Moorthy fights with Ram Mohan and at the climax, reveals his motivation to kill Ram Mohan. Moorthy's sister is the college student who was killed at the beginning of the movie, and on seeing her dead body, Moorthy's mother also passes away from shock. Moorthy finally kills Ram Mohan by throwing him off the building and rides away with Priya.

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