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  • 11 Feb 2011
  • 2h 30m
  • Action
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Thambikottai is a 2011 Indian Tamil action-masala film directed by R. Ammu Ramesh. It stars Narain, Meena and Poonam Bajwa in the lead roles, with Prabhu, Sangeetha, Rajendran and Santhanam among others playing supporting roles. The film was released on 11 February 2011. It was an hit at the box office. This film received highly positive reviews.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 11 Feb 2011
  • Running time 2h 30m
  • Genres Action


Azhagiri (Narain) is raised by his sister Shanmugapriya (Meena) following their parents’ early death. Azhagiri is a college student, while Priya is a lecturer. Azhagiri is closely bonded with his sister Priya. Azhagiri goes to a village named Thambikottai for a NSS field trip where he meets Kanaga (Poonam Bajwa), and both fall in love. Kanaga is the younger daughter of a local goon Amirthalingam (Rajendran). Kanaga’s elder sister Beeda Pandiamma (Sangeetha) is a rogue who creates ruckuses in the village often. Kanaga comes to Chennai for her studies but is kept under continuous monitoring by her sister’s henchmen as Pandiamma and Amirthalingam find out about Kanaga’s love affair. Azhagiri skillfully takes Kanaga away to his home. However, Kanaga is again taken away from Azhagiri’s home by Amirthalingam. Priya gets shocked seeing Amirthalingam. Priya tells a flashback whereby they actually belong to Thambikottai and their father Shanmugam (Prabhu) was a bus driver working under Amirthalingam who owned a transport service with several buses. However, all the buses were poorly maintained, and Amirthalingam bribes the officials to get the fitness certificates. Despite several attempts made by Shanmugam to convince Amirthalingam to properly repair the buses, he neglects. This make Shanmugam furious, and he resigns as does not want to risk the life of passengers. Lakshmi (Vijayalakshmi) is Shanmugam's wife. When Lakshmi travels in Amirthalingam’s bus, the brake gets failed and the bus meets with an accident, and Lakshmi passes away. Amirthalingam’s bus company is sealed by the government. Angered, Amirthalingam bombs the bridge that connects Thambikottai with the land, and hence, no buses could enter the village unless the bridge is repaired. Shanmugam is also killed by Amirthalingam’s men. Now, Azhagiri fights against Pandiamma’s henchmen and rescues Kanaga. In the fight, Pandiamma gets accidentally killed by one of her henchmen. Azhagiri also fights against Amirthalingam and helps reconstruct the broken bridge in Thambikottai.


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