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  • 09 Dec 2011
  • 2h 30m
  • Action
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 09 Dec 2011
  • Running time 2h 30m
  • Genres Action


Silambarasan, Richa Gangopadhyay, Santhanam, VTV Ganesh, Jithan Ramesh, Sonu Sood, Nassar
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The film starts off with a boy named Velan who lives with his mother, stepbrother Balan and stepfather. Velan dislikes both his step father and stepbrother.

15 years later, Boxer Daniel, who is a politician who tries to win the by election by giving money to 14 villages in his constituency. When his goons are about to distribute money to the 14 villages, Velan who is now a police officer, by the name Osthi Velan, fights with Daniel's goons and confiscates the money. It shows that Velan is still hates his stepbrother Balan and stepfather. Balan falls in love with Nirmala but his father disapproves his relationship because he acquired loan to start an oil mill and he can repay it only if Balan gets married to a rich girl.

Meanwhile, Boxer Daniel gets angry since the money has not been distributed yet and he tries to contact his goons. Then the goons try to find Osthi Velan's house to get the money back but they accidentally go to Kattupakam Police Station and a chase ensues between them and Osthi Velan's police forces.

During the chase Osthi Velan falls in love with a girl named Neduvalli who has a father who is an alcoholic. Daniel's goons then return to him and he gets angry with them just because they lost the money and when he investigates about the money to them they reveal that an inspector named Osthi Velan took away the money and Daniel tries to get the money back by using the collector's support. After then, Osthi Velan and a colleague, Selvam reach the collector's office but Osthi Velan regrets to give the money to the collector and he fools around with him.

The collector then contacts Daniel telling that Osthi Velan is not a normal person. Then Daniel goes to confront Osthi Velan in his check post but Osthi Velan shows off his attitude to Daniel which makes Daniel get tensed. Daniel hires a contract killer to kill Osthi Velan.

Balan steals the money from Velan's to marry Nirmala and after then he gives the money to her dad and her dad accepts their marriage. During the next scene Osthi Velan asks for Neduvalli hand in marriage to which she says no just because she has to take care of her drunkard father.

Then Osthi Velan goes to his house and finds his mother dead. At his mother's funeral he asks his stepfather and brother if he can join him and be happy which they both regret to and say no.

Then the next scene takes place in a train station where Osthi Velan is being attacked by the contract killer's goons he fights and kills the contract killer and lies to the Police Commissioner that the contract killer was hiding in the train station to kill Daniel. Daniel then makes a plan to keep Osthi Velan as his personal bodyguard and that plan also fails.

Then Osthi Velan asks Neduvalli's dad that he wants to marry her and her dad accepts to get his daughter married. When Velan leaves he commits suicide since his daughter would not accept while he is alive. Then Osthi Velan takes Neduvalli to Balan's wedding and he stops his marriage and marries Neduvalli.

Osthi Velan's father is ashamed of him now but Osthi Velan shows his aggression to his father. Right after then Daniel speaks to the minister about Osthi Velan and he tells the minister to suspend Osthi Velan but the minister tells Daniel that he needs a reason to suspend to Osthi Velan.

Balan then beats up a guy working in his father's factory just because he messed up something in the factory. When this matter is taken to Osthi Velan, a physical altercation between him and Balan ensues. Now, the people of Kattupakam wants Osthi Velan to be suspended as a result of this incident. He then apologizes to Balan.

After then, the minister calls Osthi Velan to his house and tells him that he has been suspended but Velan tells the minister that he will win in the election take the minister job right after then the minister takes away the suspend order from Osthi Velan and join hands with him.

Osthi Velan then poisons people drinking in the bar with Daniel's adulterated alcohol. Then he raids the place where Daniel is at right now and takes the additional money away also. In retaliation, Daniel burns Balan's father's factory and as a result, gets a heart attack.

Then Daniel makes Balan his henchman and he tells him to give fruits to the minister's house but after then it explodes and he realises that he did the wrong thing. Daniel then tells Balan to kill Osthi Velan so he goes to Osthi Velan's home but doesn't kill him and Osthi Velan fakes his death. During the next day he pays a visit to his father at the hospital then pays the money for the operation.

Daniel is now proud of Balan but he reveals that he was the one who killed Osthi Velan's mom right after then he holds Balan as a hostage then a chase happens between Daniel and Osthi Velan. Osthi Velan rescues Balan and kills Daniel. In the end Balan marries Nirmala.


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