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Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam

  • U
  • 06 Sep 2013
  • 2h 40m
  • Comedy, Romance
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Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam is a 2013 Tamil romantic comedy film directed by Ponram, a former assistant of directors M. Rajesh and S. A. Chandrasekhar. It stars Sivakarthikeyan, Sathyaraj and Sri Divya. The film was produced by Escape Artists Motion Pictures and has music by D. Imman. Rajesh wrote the dialogues for the film. It was filmed in Padalur, Theni, Tiruchi and Chennai. The film released on 6 September 2013 and received positive reviews from critics and became a box office blockbuster collected around ₹50 crores above at the box office. The film was remade in Kannada as Adyaksha with Sharan playing the lead role and in Telugu as Current Theega with Manoj Manchu.





  • Status Released
  • Certificate U
  • Release date 06 Sep 2013
  • Running time 2h 40m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance


Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards - 2013
Song: Oodha Colour Ribbon
Harihara Sudhan
Best Playback Singer (Male)


The film begins with police arriving at Sivanandi's house questioning him about killing his daughter Lathapandi because she ran away with the guy she loved. Bosepandi and Kodi are two friends who are the leaders of a group called Varuthapadadha Valibar Sangam. One day, Bosepandi falls in love with Kalyani who is a teacher at a school. Bosepandi writes a love letter for her but wants someone to go give it to her so that's when he finds Lathapandi. Lathapandi gives the letter to her teacher and tricks Bosepandi into believing many things.

Sivanandi fixes a marriage for Lathapandi but she is not willing to marry because she is very young and she wants to study further. Despite her attempts, nothing stops her marriage. Her marriage is posted on a billboard which Bosepandi and Kodi decide to stop since they want their group billboard on there. They go to the police station and threaten the police that they will go to the commissioner. The police talks to Sivanandi and makes him stop the marriage. One day, Lathapandi delivers the news to Bosepandi that Kalyani is getting married. He decides to move on in life, so he arranges for a Dindigul programme to happen in his area. He sees Lathapandi in a sari and immediately falls in love with her. The same night, the police reveal to Sivanandi that the person who stopped Lathapandi's marriage was Bosepandi.

A day later he tells her about his love for her but she ignores him and says no. Bosepandi walks away listening to a sad song when a gang comes and bashes him. He later finds out that it was Sivanandi's gang who hit him. So, Bosepandi and Kodi decide to steal what Sivanandi considers his 'soul' and that is his gun. Bosepandi and Kodi steal the gun and run away and cause a lot of trouble. Bosepandi then tells Lathapandi that he will return the gun if she comes to their friends' marriage and so he returns the gun without anyone knowing. Lathapandi in return goes to that marriage and takes many photos with Bosepandi. Her mother warns her that this is not correct and she should stop it. Sivanandi's cow falls into a well when he goes out of town so Bosepandi helps to get it out. That night he stays with Lathapandi in her house and they see Sivanandi sleepwalking. After that, they wake up in the morning and they see Sivanandi walking again. This time he is awake but Bosepandi thinks he's sleepwalking again and so he tells Sivanandi about liking his daughter. Once Bosepandi finds out that Sivanandi is indeed awake, he runs out of that house.

Sivanandi then makes Lathapandi promise that she will only marry the guy who Sivanandi tells her to marry and so she does promise her dad. They fix marriage for Lathapandi but on the night before her marriage, she decides to run away with Bosepandi. When running away at night, they see Sivanandi and he tells them to run away and gives them some money so that they never come back. Sivanandi wants Bosepandi and Lathapandi to run away because he doesn't want Lathapandi to marry the guy he has chosen for her and he can't stop her marriage because he has too much respect in his village. He watches them get married and settled in a hill area. Sivanandi comes to visit the couple every day. On one visit, it is revealed that Lathapandi is pregnant. Bosepandi and Lathapandi then return to the village because Bosepandi's father had offered him more money than Sivanandi. Then the film ends with everyone laugh on each other.


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