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  • 26 Feb 2016
  • 2h 25m
  • Action, Thriller
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Kanithan is a 2016 Tamil action thriller film written and directed by T N Santhosh and produced by S Thanu. The film features Atharvaa and Catherine Tresa in the lead roles, while Sivamani composes the film's music. Having begun production in 2013, the film was released in February 2016. The film was remade in Kannada as Athiratha (2017) and in Telugu as Mudra (2018).





  • Status Released
  • Release date 26 Feb 2016
  • Running time 2h 25m
  • Genres Action, Thriller


Atharvaa, Catherine Tresa, Tarun Arora, Aadukalam Naren, Sunder Ramu

Gowtham Ramalingam is an intelligent TV journalist who works in a small channel. For generations, his family has had close links with the media. His father Ramalingam is a news presenter working in Doordarshan. His grandfather was a newsreader in All India Radio. Despite being an academically brilliant engineering graduate, Gowtham prefers working as a TV journalist and yearns to join the BBC. One day, while reporting for his channel, he stumbles across Anu and falls for her. Anu turns out to be his colleague in the same TV channel he is working at and reciprocates his attempts. Gowtham receives an offer letter from BBC, and despite initially struggling, performs well in the interview and gets selected. He is congratulated by his friends at the TV channel office, including Anu. While all goes well, Gowtham suddenly gets arrested on charges of cheating banks (to the tune of several lakhs) of rupees by producing fake documents and degree certificates. Gowtham's degree certificates, along with those of the other affected students, get invalidated. While he is being taken to prison, a fellow graduate seated beside him commits suicide by falling off the police van and getting run over by a truck. Gowtham realizes that he (along with the other graduates) have been made a pawn in a huge scam. His neighbour who works in the police department and his friend Balaji, a lawyer, Senthil, his friend and colleague and Anu manage to get him out of prison. Gowtham's job at BBC gets rejected due to his certificate being labelled as forged. Gowtham then decides to infiltrate and expose the fake certificate scam with the help of his neighbour, Balaji, Senthil and Anu.

Gowtham recalls the scene at the police station about the fake documents, that were used to obtain loans from the banks; they carried the same photograph as the one present in his degree certificate. He deduces that he had used the certificate in a consultancy firm in Anna Nagar. When he, his neighbour, Senthil, and Balaji reach the place to find it locked, they break the lock and get inside. They search for the fake degree certificate in his name and find out that all the fake degree certificates, in the blueprints of Anna University, University of Madras, Madras Christian College, and several other major universities, are hidden in the ceiling. Gowtham and his team confiscate the fake certificates and convey a message to other TV channels, including his own channel, to list out the names of the fake degree certificate holders on-air. The consultancy firms are closed down, and it worries Thura Sarkar, the kingpin in the fake certificate scam, and his sons. While airing the news, he intentionally puts Balaji's name in the certificates(in-order to nab Thura, knowing that his name is not the list), Gowtham's plan works and manages to save Balaji just in time, fights and kill all of the goons,including Thura's son. He even hid the camera in the crime spot, knowing Thura would come there to find other evidence. However, Thura finds the hidden camera and almosts executed Gowtham, but with the help of Gowtham's neighbour they successfully escape. Gowtham infiltrates and records the scammers in his mobile phone while posing as an applicant for a fake certificate, on the other side, Thura starts looking for people who were responsible for spreading the news and manages to track the right guy. This news is spread further, and Thura's plans are thwarted. He reaches Gowtham's office and holds Senthil and the others hostage; Gowtham calls him on his phone and saves Senthil by revealing his whereabouts. Anu gets kidnapped by Thura's son and his gang when Gowtham overpowers and kills Thura's second son.

Thura then decides to seek revenge by brutally murdering Balaji and Gowtham's neighbour. Gowtham becomes infuriated at this and decides to end this once and for all. He sends one of his colleagues in the guise of a fake certificate applicant to Thura's place while recording the events via microcamera-enabled spectacles. Gowtham and Senthil then broadcast the entire video on-air. Thura reaches the channel office, fights Gowtham, and destroys the transmission terminal. However, the transmission gets re-enabled, and the video goes on-air. Gowtham lands a kick at Thura, causing him to hit his head on screws in the destroyed terminal and fall unconscious. The scam is finally exposed. Gowtham is lauded for his efforts and reunites with Anu and others. Meanwhile, Thura is in a vegetative state and is placed under tight police security in due apprehension for his crimes once he is cured. The lead doctor advises his assistant to monitor Thura's state. The assistant doctor turns out to be a fake; he unknowingly injects the wrong medicine in Thura's glucose stream, and his pulse begins to deteriorate. The lead doctor scolds the assistant by asking whether he became a doctor by submitting a fake certificate, while Thura dies which shows an irony of how a fake certificate holder that he helped becomes his ultimate downfall.


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