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Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen

  • 12 May 2017
  • 1h 57m
  • Action, Comedy
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 12 May 2017
  • Running time 1h 57m
  • Genres Action, Comedy


Saravanan is a jobless youth who roams around in a two-wheeler with his friends. Kalyanam decides to be the head of a famous political party called Dho Jindhagi. However, when a drunk photographer incorrectly takes some photos, Kalyanam is targeted by the police. With the help of Saravanan, he goes to Dubai, and it is eventually revealed that Kalyanam had to take care of camels in Dubai. After Kalyanam leaves for Dubai, Saravanan's friends overexaggerate about Saravanan to the head of Dho Jindhagi, who appoints Saravanan as head. Two years later, Saravanan's other uncle and their family come to visit. Saravanan's cousin Thenmozhi also comes and demands his house (which is now a party office) to be cleaned before she comes. It is revealed that Saravanan and Thenmozhi were schoolmates and were always fighting, until Thenmozhi left town. Saravanan does not have any other place to start the party office as he had earlier used Thenmozhi's house for that purpose and Kalyanam's wife gives their new house to him without Kalyanam's knowledge, and when he arrives, he is shocked. He takes Saravanan to be his enemy, and along with Thenmozhi, plans to take revenge. Various hilarious situations are witnessed, and meanwhile, Thenmozhi gets engaged to Veerasingam's son Rajadurai, (Chaams) who is somewhat immature. This hurts Saravanan, who had fallen in love with Thenmozhi. In many incidents, Thenmozhi is seen to act supportive to Saravanan though she hates him, shocking others. It is later revealed that she is possessed by the ghost of Fathima, a Muslim girl who was in love with Saravanan but had died due to an accident. Saravanan enjoys life with Thenmozhi as Fathima. But when the family learns about this, they get angry on Saravanan for cheating them. What Saravanan does to reunite with Thenmozhi by convincing his family and breaking her marriage with Rajadurai, forms the crux of the story.


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