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Iravukku Aayiram Kangal

  • 11 May 2018
  • 2h 2m
  • Action, Thriller
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Iravukku Aayiram Kangal is an Indian Tamil action thriller film directed by Mu. Maran. The film features Arulnithi, Ajmal, Mahima Nambiar and Vidya Pradeep in the lead roles, with Sam CS composing the soundtrack. Produced by Axess Film Factory.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 11 May 2018
  • Running time 2h 2m
  • Genres Action, Thriller


Bharath (Arulnithi) is a taxi driver who is in love with Suseela (Mahima Nambiar), a nurse. He is a fan of writer Vyjayanthi (Lakshmy Ramakrishnan). Once, she rides in his taxi and notices a man and his bike. She tells Bharath that her late husband had the same bike and died, so she is investigating his death. One evening, when Suseela returns from a wedding in a cab, the driver misbehaves with her. Ganesh (Ajmal) saves her, and she thanks him. When they meet again, Ganesh tries to pursue her inappropriately. Ganesh also finds that Suseela is in love with Bharath and warns her to cut off all ties with him. Suseela then meets Bharath and tells him about the problems that Ganesh created, but they find her client Roopala (Chaya Singh) trying to drown herself. They save her, and she tells about her problems with her abusive husband, Vasanth (John Vijay). Also, she inadvertently connected with Ganesh, who films her nude and blackmails her for money. Bharath notices that Ganesh owns the bike that Vyjayanthi had mentioned. Meanwhile, retired businessman Murugesan (Anandaraj) loses money and jewels because of Ganesh.

It is revealed that Ganesh is actually a conman who operates with Anitha (Vidya Pradeep) and Maya (Suja Varunee), and they cheat wealthy people and extort money from them. Murugesan follows Ganesh and finds his address with Narain's (Aadukalam Naren) help. Bharath also finds Ganesh's address and follows him to his house. A neighbor reports the men loitering near the house to the police. When the police arrives to investigate, they learn that Maya is murdered. Bharath is identified as a suspect. He assumes that Murugesan is the killer, but the latter reveals that she was dead before he went into the house. Murugesan also accidentally picked up the murder weapon in a panicked state and left his own gun there. Narain also reveals that he was a victim of Ganesh. Maya had befriended him online, and they were in a relationship when Ganesh threatened both of them at gunpoint and stole Narain's money and car, but the police found the car and returned it to Narain. Narain had been thinking that Maya disappeared from his life, but he saw her with Ganesh. Unable to bear Maya's betrayal, Narain goes to her house to kill her, but he found her dead.

Later, Bharath finds that Vasanth had an affair with Anitha. Ganesh filmed them together and blackmailed him for money. When Vasanth finds that Anitha was part of the scam, Ganesh beats him up. Ganesh blackmails Vasanth about his video with Anitha, but Vasanth does not care. Then, Ganesh blackmails Vasanth with Roopala's nude video, and he gives money. Bharath follows Vasanth, and a fight ensues where the latter kills Anitha and Ganesh. Bharath tells Vasanth that the entire plan to extort money from him was made by Roopala. She wanted to separate from Vasanth and get money from him, so she approached Anitha and Ganesh to help her make a video of Vasanth to blackmail him, and she would then pay them. Ganesh wanted to take the money for himself, so he and Anitha made a nude video of Roopala. Suddenly, Ganesh and Anitha plan to join together and leave Maya out. Maya learns of this, and when she threatens them, Ganesh kills her. Roopala and Vasanth are arrested, and Bharath marries Suseela.

A major twist arrives in the form of Vyjayanthi, who has been following Maya's murder. She calls Bharath, requesting his permission to write a book based on this event. Vyjayanthi narrates a changed plot where Ganesh films Suseela nude and threatens her to marry him. When Bharath discovers this and Roopala's video, he decides to confront Ganesh and erase both videos. Maya learns that Ganesh is after Suseela, so she threatens him to split the shares. If he does not, she will tell Anitha about Suseela. When Bharath and Suseela go to Ganesh's house to retrieve the videos, Maya tries to attack Bharath, but Suseela kills her. Bharath and Suseela erase the videos and leave the crime scene. Bharath finds that Murugesan had taken the murder weapon, so he plants it in Ganesh's car and frames him for Maya's murder.

In the present, Bharath requests Vyjayanthi to find an alternative plot. Later, when he visits her, he finds her murdered, implying that her version of the story may be true. It is left to the audience as to who is Vyjayanthi's murderer.


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