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Sakka Podu Podu Raja

  • 22 Dec 2017
  • 2h 9m
  • Action, Comedy
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 22 Dec 2017
  • Running time 2h 9m
  • Genres Action, Comedy


Santa (Santhanam) helps his friend Saravana (Dr. Sethuraman) to elope with his lover who happens to be the sister of a local don Bhavani (Sampath). Knowing this, Bhavani vows to revenge Santa and keeps searching for him. Meanwhile, Santa meets Yazhini (Vaibhavi), a college student and gets attracted towards her. After some initial fights, Yazhini also falls for Santa. One day, Yazhini is chased by a few goons and there comes Bhavani and saves her. It is revealed that Yazhini is the youngest sister of Bhavani which shocks Santa. A small flashback is shown where there is an enmity prevailing between another don Das (Sharath Lohitashwa) who wants to kill Bhavani’s sisters as Bhavani refused to marry Das’ only sister which lead to her death.

Santa comes up with a plan to win the heart of Bhavani. As Bhavani has not seen Santa, he decides to use it as an advantage. As per plan, Santa introduces to Bhavani as a land lord and lets him stay at his place. Santa gets close to Bhavani and stages another drama and makes Bhavani accept the wedding of Saravana and Bhavani’s sister. Bhavani arranges Yazhini’s wedding with Karthik (Narayan), who was supposedly to marry Yazhini’s sister. Now, Santa finds that Karthik is none other than the son of Das and their plan to trouble Yazhini post wedding as a means of revenge against Bhavani. A fight ensues and Bhavani understands Das’ plan. Finally, Santa is married to Yazhini.


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