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Kadai Kutty Singam

  • 12 Jul 2018
  • 2h 29m
  • Action, Drama
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Kadaikutty Singam is an 2018 Indian Tamil drama film written and directed by Pandiraj and produced by Suriya for, his studio 2D Entertainment. The film stars Karthi and Sayyeshaa in the lead roles, with a supporting cast including Sathyaraj, Priya Bhavani Shankar and Arthana Binu. The film, which will also be released in Telugu as Chinna Babu, features music composed by D. Imman and cinematography by Velraj.






  • Status Released
  • Release date 12 Jul 2018
  • Running time 2h 29m
  • Genres Action, Drama


Perunazhi Gunasingam (Karthi) is a modern-day rich farmer who lives happily with his family and father Perunazhi Ranasingam (Sathyaraj).

30 years ago, Ranasingam always wanted a son but kept getting daughters. After four daughters with his first wife Vanavan Madevi (Viji Chandrasekhar), Ranasingam sought after a new bride, to beget a son. Afraid of losing her status to a stranger, Vanavan arranged a marriage between Ranasingam and her younger sister, Panchavan Madhevi (Bhanupriya). Five months after Panchavan became pregnant, Ranasingam's eldest daughter Mangamma Rani (Mounika) became pregnant out of wedlock and Ranasingam's family arranged her marriage to her boyfriend, Thamarai Manala Sendayar (Saravanan). With both the stepdaughter and stepmother pregnant, odds went against Ranasingam as Panchavan gave birth to a girl while his elder daughter had a boy. Ranasingam was heartbroken and stopped worrying for a boy child.

8 years later, Vanavan became accidentally pregnant and finally gave birth to a boy, who was named Gunasingam. At the present, Gunasingam is a 27-year-old, 10th graduate, and a contented and happy farmer who practices natural farming and lives in peace. His concerns are:

1. His eldest sister's husband Thamarai and next sister's husband Malligai Manala Sendayar have been at loggerheads for a decade, despite being blood brothers. This is due to a court feud over inheritance and is complicated by the fact that Malligai has no pregnancy.

2. He must decide whether to marry either Poompozhil Chellamma (daughter of his third sister) or Aandal Priyadarshini (daughter of his only step-sister), as it is a societal norm in Tamil Nadu, for a man to marry his elder sister's daughter in rural areas.

However, problems arise when Gunasingam falls head over heels for Kannukiniyal "Iniya", the daughter of a rich man named Thillainayagam whose sister Ranasingam had suddenly left during engagement to oversee birth of his fourth daughter. Despite resistance from Iniya's family, Ranasingam agrees to the match under the condition that Gunasingam must convince his sisters that he cannot marry their daughters. Also, Iniya's uncle Kodiyarasu was jailed by the work of Gunasingam and seeks to get revenge by killing him. When Chellamma learns of Gunasingam's decision, she attempts suicide but is saved.

Panchavan vacates Ranasingam's house because she feels that her elder sister continuously commits injustices against her, like arranging her marriage without her permission, getting Panchavan's only daughter married to an ill drunkard who died within a year, and now refusing to marry her granddaughter Andal to Gunasingam. As revenge, Kodiyarasu offers to marry Chellamma, and that offer is accepted. Also, Thamarai is willing to attend the marriage only if his brother does not, and the same is the case with Malligai. Finally, Gunasingam gathers all his relatives to his grandmother's function and convinces them after a moving speech. Later, Kodiyarasu is thrashed by Gunasingam and returned to prison. Meanwhile, Gunasingam's brothers-in-law amend their dispute and everyone attends Gunasingam's wedding to Iniya.

A year later, Gunasingam and Iniya give birth to a girl and choose to adapt to permanent birth control to ensure that past events do not repeat themselves.


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