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  • 01 Mar 2019
  • 2h 36m
  • Drama
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Thirumanam Sila Thiruthangaludan also simply known as Thirumanam is an Indian Tamil family romantic drama film written and directed by Cheran in which he also stars in a pivotal role. The film stars Umapathy Ramaiah and Kavya Suresh in the lead roles while Cheran himself along with Thambi Ramaiah, M. S. Bhaskar, Sukanya and Manobala play supportive roles. The film is produced by Premnath Chidambaram under his production studio, Preniss International which is also the maiden production venture for the studio. Siddharth Vipin has been roped in to compose music for the film while camera is cranked by Rajesh Yadav.




  • Status Released
  • Release date 01 Mar 2019
  • Running time 2h 36m
  • Genres Drama


Umapathy Ramaiah, Cheran, Sukanya, Thambi Ramaiah, Manobala, Jayaprakash, M. S. Bhaskar, Bala Saravanan, Anupama Kumar

Mahesh (Umapathy Ramaiah) is a popular radio jockey who falls in love with his Facebook fan/friend Aathira (Kavya Suresh). They talk to each other over WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social networking platforms before finally deciding to meet in person. The young couple decides to tell their family about their liking for each other. Aathira has a brother, Arivudainambi (Cheran), an upright income tax officer, as well as a widowed mother. Mahesh, on the other hand, hails from a royal zamindar family. For Mahesh, his sister Manonmani's (Sukanya) words are precious. When the families agree to the marriage, the process gets murky as Arivudainambi is against a big wedding, whereas Manonmani wants her brother's marriage to be a grandiose event.

Arivudainambi suggests the wedding to happen in a temple with very minimal guests, thereby minimizing food expenses. However, Manonmani wants the wedding to happen in a grand manner in a big convention hall with all their relatives invited along with a big cuisine. Trouble erupts due to ego clashes between Manonmani and Arivudainambi over wedding planning, and at one point, the wedding gets cancelled. Manonmani plans to get Mahesh married to someone else, for which Mahesh opposes and leaves from home. Now, both families enter into discussion again and come into a better understanding. It is revealed that Manonmani raised Mahesh following their parents early death and got separated from her husband when her in-laws preferred her not to care for her brother much. Similarly, Arivudainambi's father was a rich textile businessman who was well known for philanthropy, but he lost all money due to his business rivals and passed away penniless. This made Arivudainambi care much for money, thereby avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Mahesh returns to meet Arivudainambi, and his wedding is arranged with Aathira in a simple way. Manonmani understands Mahesh's love for Aathira and approves the wedding; however, her ego does not let her go and attend the wedding. But the couple decides to wait until she comes to the wedding. Manonmani realizes Aathira's love towards her and gives up her ego. Post wedding, Arivudainambi informs that he has saved Rs. 35 lakhs due to a simple wedding and decides to deposit the money in Aathira's bank account. He also leases a few acres of land near Pollachi for Mahesh as he is interested in organic farming. Manonmani understands the true nature of Arivudainambi. In the end, the movie ends with the message that instead of spending on lavish marriages, we could use the same money for any other useful purpose.

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