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  • 11 Dec 1937
  • 3h 30m
  • Drama, History
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 11 Dec 1937
  • Running time 3h 30m
  • Genres Drama, History


P. G. Venkatesan, M. K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar, Serukulathur Sama, N. S. Krishnan, M. R. Santhanalakshmi, T. S. Balaiah, P. R. Mangalam, T. A. Madhuram, P. B. Ranagachari, S. S. Raja Mani, T. S. Balaiya
Krishnagopal, Bal Brigae Dhrona

The film is based on a story set in the Chola Empire in year 1083 AD. The titular character in the story is Ambikapathy (M K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar), the son of the Tamil poet Kambar (Serugulathur Sama) who is in love with the Chola princess and daughter of Kulothunga Chola, Amaravati (played by M. R. Santhanalakshmi). The king objects to their love and insists on testing Ambikapathy's literary mettle before judging his worth. The test given to Ambikapathi is that he should write and sing a hundred poems in the field of Puram (dealing with war and politics). The poems should not have any reference to the field of Agam (dealing of love and romance). Ambikapathi begins the test in the King's court with a Kadavul Vaazhthu (invocation to God). Amaravathi who is keeping the count, mistakes the invocation as a poem and counts it as poem number one. When he has sung only ninety nine Puram poems, she thinks he has completed the task and signals him that hundred poems have been sung. Declaring victory, Ambikapathy sings of his love for her and thus fails the test. He is executed by the king.[4]

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