Nawab Naarkali poster

Nawab Naarkali

  • 1972
  • 139 mins




  • Status Released
  • Release date 1972
  • Running time 139 mins


Appasamy is an appalam merchant with his wife Bhakyam. They do not have any children. Ravi is a law college student who can play football. He works part-time, distributing newspapers to houses and as a tutor for managing his educational and accommodation expenses. Thandavam has a huge family with his wife, son Subbu and nine other children. Kanchana lives with her father Rajavelu, whose manager is Nesamani Ponnaiya. Rajavelu is insane because he has lost ₹2 lakh (equivalent to ₹76 lakh or US$96,000 in 2020) in Kolkata Palace Hotel, which was given by Nesamani Ponnaiya. Nurse Christy takes care of Rajavelu. One time, Subbu requests his father Thandavam to give ₹25 (equivalent to ₹960 or US$12 in 2020) to watch an English film but he refuses. So Subbu steals one old chair (which Thandavam says to his wife was a Nawab's chair) and sells it in an auction shop for ₹25. The auction shop owner sells the chair for ₹250 (equivalent to ₹9,600 or US$120 in 2020) to Appasamy by telling that because of that chair, the Nawab got many kids. Appasamy brings the chair to his house. Meanwhile, Thandavam, on hearing that the chair was sold to auction shop and later to Appasamy, he sends Subbu out of the house. Then Thandavam makes a plan to steal the chair from Appasamy's house. So he portrays himself as a Sadhu and tells Appasamy that in order to get a kid, he should rent to a family with 10 kids (forgetting that Subbu has gone out of his house). Ravi, at this time, comes to meet Thandavam for accommodation. Thandavam requests Ravi to act as his son and they all enter Appasamy's house. Kanchana thinks that Ravi has stolen that ₹2 lakh, and joins Thandavam as his sister's daughter. Kaanchana then realises that Ravi has not stolen the money. The suspicion falls on Appasamy and Subbu, but on inquiries it is found they are also innocent. One day, Ravi sees some 3 persons trying to take the Nawab's chair with the help of the signal of a kerchief from the house. He decides to play a drama and tears off the chair seat, from which the 2 lakhs money flies. Thandavam claims it to be his money, but on inquiry, he says that money was given by Rajavelu. Disbelieving this, Thandavam is taken to Rajavelu's house. On hearing the news that money is gone, Rajavelu becomes mad really, who was acting till these days. Ravi then decides to give the money to the government, as it is black money. Appasamy is about to throw Thandavam and his family out, but on hearing that his wife is pregnant, he changes his mind and requests everyone to stay with him.

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