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Vasantha Maligai

  • 29 Sep 1972
  • 2h 42m
  • Drama, Romance
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 29 Sep 1972
  • Running time 2h 42m
  • Genres Drama, Romance


Sivaji Ganesan, Vanisri, K. Balaji, Santha Kumari, Nagesh, Pandari Bai, Major Sundarrajan, V. K. Ramasamy
K. A. Marthand, Narasimha Rao

Anand is a rich playboy and alcoholic. Aboard an aeroplane, he meets Latha, an air hostess. Latha lives with her father, mother, two brothers, and a sister. Her elder brother resides at home with his wife, but Latha is the highest earning member of the family. Latha's mother objects to her being an air hostess; she begs her to change profession so that she can be home at more decent hours.

While Anand is celebrating his birthday in a pub near his home, Latha arrives at the same pub for a job interview with the manager. However, the lustful manager, in the guise of interviewing her, tries to rape her. Anand hears Latha screaming, subdues the manager, rescues Latha, then drives her home. The next day, Latha goes to Anand's house to return the coat he had lent her the night before. She then asks him for a job, to which he agrees, hiring her as his secretary.

The next day Anand shows her around his house, and she meets his mother, elder brother Vijay, and sister-in-law. Latha soon notices that Anand is an alcoholic, and therefore wishes to resign, but a servant begs her not to because Anand's behaviour has changed for the better since meeting her.

Anand's fiancée comes to his home and starts ranting that she no longer wishes to marry him because he is an alcoholic. Meanwhile, his sister-in-law, who concludes that Latha has come to steal Anand's affections, disturbs his mother with these comments, as well as by the comments of his fiancée. Latha, however, assures the mother, after everyone has left the table, that she will, in fact, try and stop Anand from drinking. Later on, she catches him drinking with his servant Panchavarnam. His servant runs away upon seeing her, but Anand continues to drink. Latha throws the glass after arguing with him, infuriating Anand into throwing a glass bottle onto her forehead.

When Anand realises what he has done, he destroys all his bottles, promising Latha that he will never drink again. He confides in her the anguish of his soul, how when he was young both his father and his Ayya died. After this transformative incident, he announces that he is going to build a new palace for himself and the girl that he truly loves. He will call the palace "Vasantha Maligai" (palace of spring).

Anand brings Latha to this new house; everyone in his family goads Latha to find out who is this mysterious woman that Anand loves. Latha, too, is curious to meet the girl of Anand's heart. He then shows her her own reflection in a separate room revealing that she is the girl of his affections. However, Vijay witnesses this and runs to tell his mother. He conjures a story about Latha having stolen his wife's jewellery. Hearing this, Anand becomes suspicious of Latha. He asks Latha about it, but she runs away, dejected that he could suspect her of such wrongdoing. Fortunately, Anand learns about Vijay's malicious plan.

Anand confesses his ignorance and apologises. But Latha will not forgive him. Anand loses his composure and becomes seriously ill. Meanwhile, Latha receives a marriage proposal. Anand's mother goes to apologise to Latha while Latha hands her an invitation to her wedding. Anand's mother shows this to her son, who then decides to attend the wedding and Latha is shocked to see him. She meets him privately to reconcile their differences, but her sister-in-law and the groom's mother spot them and announce it to the guests who depart, botching Latha's marriage. All of a sudden, Anand's mother enters the room and declares that Latha should marry Anand. When Latha arrives at the palace, she is shocked to see Anand's condition. She does not know that out of desperation and lovesickness he drank poison. As soon as Latha enters the room he collapses. Anand is hospitalised and after recovering, re-unites with Latha.

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