Andaman Kadhali poster

Andaman Kadhali

  • 1978




  • Status Released
  • Release date 1978


Sivaji Ganesan, Kavitha, Sujatha, Chandra Mohan

Shivaji Ganesan is a millionaire who believes money alone is God and is capable of solving all problems. He is the guardian of his boss' d daughter who wants him to buy a statue by a sculptor she is crazy about. She wants him to come to Andaman for the same.

However, in the past, Shivaji was an inhabitant of Andaman and was the lover of Sujatha. While she was pregnant on account of them having married in secrecy due to fear of their tribe, he went to get the doctor who insults them. In rage, he kills the doctor and in fear, runs away from Andaman. A millionaire hires him as a servant, sees his good heart and after a good many years, leaves all the money to him with the clause that he has to keep his daughter happy.

To keep his promise, Shivaji goes to Andaman. To his shock, he finds out that the uncle of Sujatha has vowed to tattoo "womanizer" on Shivaji's forehead for ruining Sujatha's life and the sculptor, the one his ward wants to marry, is his own son who wants to make a statue of him in an insulting manner to stand as a symbol of evil. The sculptor, seeing Shivaji's arrogance while being unaware, asks him to get his father in return for the statue and for him to marry his ward. The only way though is that Sujatha has to accept the person as her husband. The doctor too isn't dead and had merely fainted to add to the mix.

It becomes a cat and mouse game as Sujatha will not accept Shivaji as her husband under any circumstance to save him from the humiliation while Shivaji will stop at nothing to keep his word.

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