Komberi Mookan poster

Komberi Mookan

  • 1984




  • Status Released
  • Release date 1984


Mookan, a young boy, lives with his parents in a village. Alavanthar is a wealthy and influential person in the village. He is also a womaniser. One night, he forcibly enters Mookan’s house and rapes his mother and with the help of his henchmen kills and burns his father. His mother initially attempts suicide but changes her mind upon seeing the boy and vows to raise him to be a strong and ethical man who will avenge the injustice committed by Alavanthar.

The boy is made to wear a hair bun on his head as a vow to fulfill the duties of revenge and hence he is given the name komberi mookan. He grows up to become a strong man and his mother on her deathbed informs him about the sins committed by Alavanthar and asks him to take revenge. How he proceeds to do that forms the rest of the story.

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