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Nalla Naal

  • 1984




  • Status Released
  • Release date 1984


The film tells in a flashback that the father of Chinna Durai (V. Gopalakrishnan) is assassinated by the father of Kaali. Chinna Durai (Vijayakanth) takes revenge, kills him and goes to prison leaving his mother and sister to see him leave.

Furious, Kaali (Thyagarajan) promises to kill Chinna Durai on her way out. However, Kaali meets Chinna Durai's sister, Shenbagam (Nalini). She wraps her heart to marry him knowing the story, that he is looking for Chinna Durai, who is his brother protecting him from murder.

Under the name of Muthu (Vijayakanth himself), he gets out of prison and goes to the village to meet his sister. In shock, Muthu did not know she was married to Kaali. Muthu and Kaali become friends under the pretext of another name. Knowing the release date of Chinna Durai, Kaali does not find him in jail. He has a doubt and tries to find him. The ending tells how Chinna Durai and Kaali will associate.

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