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Kootu Puzhukkal

  • 1987
  • 0m
  • Drama




  • Status Released
  • Release date 1987
  • Running time 0m
  • Genres Drama


Kootu Puzhukkal is a story revolving around residents of a housing complex. Balu (Chandrasekhar) is a young politically conscious and helpful autorickshaw driver who has feelings for his neighbor Manga, whose mother Devaki who is involved in illicit affairs with men coerces Manga to join her. Surya(Raghuvaran) is an unemployed BCom graduate from a family of modest means and is dependent on his older brother for money. The older brother often derides them for asking him for money. Meanwhile, Rajam(Y Vijaya) another resident of the same housing complex is desirous of Surya. Gundurao(S.S Chandran), is the head of another family with three daughters who need to be married.Vedavalli (Saritha) is a young working woman who faces troubles in finding a suitor for marriage, with the father of prospective grooms demanding exorbitant amounts in dowry. The climax reveals whether Raghuvaran succeeds in his love. It has many sub plots where all the characters live in a house with many portions in close proximity. It talks about many social issues like dowry, caste-ism, classism, sexual desires, poverty, prostitution etc. [1]

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