Solla Thudikuthu Manasu poster

Solla Thudikuthu Manasu

  • 19 Feb 1988
  • 130 min




  • Status Released
  • Release date 19 Feb 1988
  • Running time 130 min


Thillainathan, a young graduate, leaves his village for an interview. He gets the job at a bank, then finds a place to live and falls in love with Jeyakodi. His favourite singer, his favourite poet and his favourite politician all come, one by one, to see him in his new house. Thillainathan is amazed by the words of his mentor's about somebody named Thenmozhi. So he decides to find this unknown woman: Thenmozhi. With his sidekick, he tries to find her, but they cannot find her.

At his pre-marriage ceremony, his detective friend says that he has found Thenmozhi; so he goes there to see her. But it isn't her and he is attacked by some goons. His wedding is then cancelled, he is fired from his job at the bank, and is also expelled from his house. He finds evidence at his house that suggests that Thenmozhi is in fact Jeyakodi. He goes to her house and her office but she isn't to be found anywhere. Thillainathan returns to his village but his father doesn't consider him his son any more. Pichamuthu, his friend whose wife had eloped, is dead, and his wife's new husband helps Thillainathan find a job.

Thillainathan gets a new job. He later goes to a musical show, where he sees Jeyakodi dancing with the famous singer Vasudevan. When he talks to her after the show, she tells him that she is not Jeyakodi and that she is married to Vasudevan. Thillainathan attempts to commit suicide. At the hospital, Vasudevan confirms that she is in fact Thenmozhi. The doctor asks Vasudevan to find a person who had AB+ blood group in order to save Thillainathan. Jeyakodi offers to give her blood but refuses when she finds out that the patient is her ex-lover. At this moment Thenmozhi makes an entrance. They are all shocked to see the remarkable resemblance between Jeyakodi and Thenmozhi. Jeyakodi gives blood to her ex-lover and saves him. She and Thillainathan finally decide to get married.

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