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Oor Mariyadhai

  • 01 May 1992
  • 2h 28m
  • Drama
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Oor Mariyadhai is a Tamil drama film directed by K. S. Ravikumar. The film stars Sarathkumar, Sasikala, Napoleon and Anand. The film, produced by R. B. Choudary, was released on 1 May 1992.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 01 May 1992
  • Running time 2h 28m
  • Genres Drama


Rathnavelu is a respected man in his village, whereas Veerapandi, a womaniser, is hated by everyone. Rathnavelu loves his niece Rasathi, while his cousin Kamachi loves him. Kannan, Veerapandi's brother, returns to his village after studying in the city. Kannan and Rasathi fall in love with each other.

In the past, Rasathi's father Chinna Raja won the village's prestige price for the first time. The angry Muthupandi Thevar, Veerapandi's father, could not bear it, so he tried to kill Chinna Raja, and they finally killed each other.

Knowing the relationship between Kannan and Rasathi, Rasathi's mother forces her brother Rathnavelu to marry Rasathi. The next day, Kannan is found hanged. Rasathi is still shocked by her lover's death, and Veerapandi only wants to take revenge on Rathnavelu's family. What transpires later forms the crux of the story.


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