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  • 18 Dec 1992
  • 0m
  • Musical
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Meera is a 1992 Indian Tamil-language film directed by P. C. Sreeram in his directorial debut and written by M. R. Bharathi. The film stars Aishwarya as the title character along Vikram , while Tarun, Poornam Viswanathan, Gandhimathi, Janagaraj, and Chinni Jayanth play supporting roles. Nassar and Sarathkumar make friendly appearances, and the latter has a cameo appearance. The music was composed by Ilaiyaraaja with cinematography by P. C. Sreeram and editing by B. Lenin and V. T. Vijayan. The film released on 18 December 1992.




  • Status Released
  • Release date 18 Dec 1992
  • Running time 0m
  • Genres Musical


Meera is in college and pregnant nearing labour. Here, she tells her story of how she got to this point in a flashback.

A young man named Jeeva falls in love with her. She despises him and eventually gets him kicked out of college. After a fight with Jeeva near her house, Meera goes out for a walk and sees a woman getting killed by a policeman. She is terrified and runs to the police station to report the crime. Unfortunately for her, the officer at the station is, shockingly, the murderer. The officer, knowing the sole witness to his crime, sends goons to her house to kill her.

By then, Meera has already left and is on the run. Jeeva goes to Meera's house and finds the maid getting beaten by the goons. There is a fight between Jeeva and the goons. Jeeva wins, and the maid tells him that he should go after Meera. They are now on the run, and the murderer sends six professional killers after the duo. Along the way, Meera and Jeeva get arrested by a comedic policeman and later flee. They find a blacksmith and are freed of the handcuffs but are almost killed by the goons in the shootout.

Meera leaves Jeeva but has a change of heart and comes back. She finds the goons who have Jeeva, and the goons tie them together on train tracks. They narrowly escape. After this event, Meera admits her love for Jeeva. After a run-in with the murderer, Meera and Jeeva end up in the ocean and wash up near the house of a boy named Jesu and his grandfather. They seek refuge there, and Meera gets close with Jesu. While everyone is getting ready for Jesu's birthday, his dog runs off into the forest. The goons kill the dog and go after Meera. Meera and Jesu flee on his bike, but they fall off, and Jesu gets killed.

Jeeva takes revenge and kills the goons in gruesome ways. A final showdown occurs between the murderer and Jeeva. The murderer gets the upper hand and almost succeeds, but Meera shoots him and Jeeva sets him on fire.

The final scene is a group photo with everyone, and Meera goes into labour.

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