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  • 05 Sep 2002
  • 3h 0m
  • Action, Comedy, Drama
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Run is a 2002 Indian Tamil romantic action film written and directed by N. Linguswamy starring R. Madhavan and Meera Jasmine in the lead roles. The film also features Vivek, Atul Kulkarni, Raghuvaran and Anu Hasan in supporting roles, while Vidyasagar composed the film's music. The film won positive reviews from critics and performed well at the box office, prompting the film to be partially re-shot in Telugu and remade in Hindi under the same name.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 05 Sep 2002
  • Running time 3h 0m
  • Genres Action, Comedy, Drama


R. Madhavan, Meera Jasmine, Atul Kulkarni, Vijayan, Anu Haasan, Vivek, Rajashree, Kalairani, Janaki Sabesh, Madhan Bob, S. N. Lakshmi
Action, Comedy, Drama

Shiva lives in Srirangam, who comes to Chennai to gain admission in a college. He stays with his sister and her husband. Shiva doesn't like his brother-in-law and never talks to him, despite several attempts made by his sister to convince both. Shiva meets Priya during a bus journey and falls for her. He again meets her on a few more occasions and proposes to her, but she warns him to stop following her despite being in love with him. Shiva learns that Priya's brother Bhaskar is a local gangster, who attacks when anyone follows Priya. Priya does not want Shiva to get beaten by Bhaskar and advises him to stop following her, but Shiva is not scared of this.

One day, Bhaskar's henchmen spot Shiva and Priya together and try to attack him, but Shiva thrashes them, ultimately giving courage for Priya to go against Bhaskar. Shiva's brother-in-law learns about Shiva's love and offers help which makes them talk to each other, much to the happiness of Shiva's sister. Bhaskar arrives to attack Shiva's family, but Shiva threatens to attack Bhaskar's family, thereby frightening him. Priya decides to elope with Shiva.

Bhaskar chases after them along with his men where the couple are tracked down, and the goons start attacking Shiva. Priya interferes and challenges Bhaskar to attack Shiva single-handedly without any help of his men. Bhaskar accepts and starts attacking Shiva, but Shiva retaliates and hits back Bhaskar, who gets severely injured. He takes a sword, but rather than killing him. Shiva spares Bhaskar, who accepts his defeat and lets Shiva and Priya unite with each other.


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