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  • 05 Feb 2010
  • 2h 15m
  • Action
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 05 Feb 2010
  • Running time 2h 15m
  • Genres Action


Ajith Kumar, Prabhu, Sameera Reddy, Bhavana, Sampath Raj, Rajiv Krishna, Suresh, Yugi Sethu

Jeevanandham is an international negotiator and arms dealer based in Paris. He has three sons: Sam and Vicky from his first wife, and Shiva (also Ajith) from his affair. Jeevanandham's favorite is Shiva, who is gutsy and righteous, while the other two are immature and controlled by their evil uncle Kali Mamma, and will do any shady deals.

Sarah is a cultural attaché at the Indian Embassy in Paris, and she has a soft spot for Shiva. A French police officer Daniel Dharmaraj, constantly hangs around with the family and is a partner in crime.

The bad sons want to deal in drugs and supply arms to terrorists; they work out a strategy to eliminate Shetty, who controls the Mumbai underworld, but Jeevanandham and Shiva oppose it. After Jeevanandham's death, Vicky is kidnapped by Shetty and his gang, who brutally torture him. To save Vicky, Shiva goes to Mumbai. His local contact there is Mirasi, his father's best friend. A local girl Sulabha, falls for our hero, who daringly rescues Vicky with the joker Don Samosa.

Both brothers double-cross Shiva, shoot him, and drown him in the sea. They torture Sarah and make her to sign as a witness that Shiva dies naturally. As per Jeevanandam's will, the property rights belong to Shiva, hence Sam and Vicky attempted to kill Shiva. With the help of Mirasi, Sulabha, and Don Samosa, everyone moves to France to find the real enemies. Sarah, who is being given drugs to forget Shiva's death and is also tortured by Vicky every day to accept his love, is found by Shiva and confesses everything to him. Vicky walks in and brutally beats Sarah. Shiva shoots him and interrogates him to find out the reason behind why the two brothers shot him. After Vicky refuses to say, Shiva shoots him on the spot and saves Sarah. Sam finds out about Vicky's death and suspects Daniel, but is subdued by Kali Mamma. Shiva slowly uncovers what happened through forcing and threatening the allies of Sam and Kali Mamma. Eventually, a drunk Don Samosa accidentally spills Shiva being alive to Daniel, who kidnaps Mirasi, Sulabha, and Sarah and holds them captive in a storage facility. Shiva is forced to surrender Jeevanandham's will to Kali Mamma and Sam, but delivers an empty suitcase instead. An infuriated Kali Mamma shoots Mirasi and Daniel, and Sam throws Shiva out a glass window and ties him up. After Shiva tells Sam to give up his arrogance, Sam and Kali Mamma reveal why and how they killed Jeevanandham.

Sam wanted to deal weapons to foreign terrorists and asked Jeevananandham to give money to aid them. After Jeevanandham tries reasoning to little avail, Kali Mamma walks in. After he refuses everyone's request to deal weapons and give his money, Kali Mamma electrocutes, and Sam suffocates Jeevanandham, killing him in the process. They do the same with Shiva after explaining, electrocuting him multiple times, but eventually, an enraged Shiva breaks the ropes he is tied to and engages in combat with Sam and Kali Mamma, electrocuting and killing both of them. Daniel, now a reformed, honest cop, brings Mirasi to Shiva, and tells him that he will take the blame for Sam and Kali Mamma's deaths by saying that he killed them in self-defense.

The film ends several months later with Shiva and Sulabha, now married, waving goodbye to Don Samosa, Sarah, and Mirasi, and leaving for India from Paris together.

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