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Pen Singam

  • 03 Jun 2010
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Pen Singam is a 2010 Tamil film directed by Bali Srirangam and produced by S. P. Murugesan. The film, based on M. Karunanidhi's novel Surulimalai, stars Uday Kiran, Richard Rishi, Meera Jasmine, and Rambha in the lead roles, while Vivek and Radha Ravi play supporting roles. The music was composed by Deva with cinematography by Vijay Ragav. The film released on 3 June 2010, coinciding with Karunanidhi's 87th birthday.




  • Status Released
  • Release date 03 Jun 2010
  • Running time 0m


Radha Ravi, Vivek, Rambha, Meera Jasmine, Richard Rishi, Uday Kiran

Surya (Uday Kiran) and Nagendran (Richard) are friends. Surya runs into a problem with Simha Perumal (Radha Ravi) and his gang. Nagendran made a speech about a woman way of getting married off with no dowry, as a woman way of getting married is education, so Mythilli (Rambha) falls for him. Mythilli is a rich woman of an inherited father. Surya and his mother help Nagendran get married. On Nagendran and Mythilli's first night, he demands her to give him money. Mythilli is shocked to find out that he is not the man of her dreams. She made a cheque but cancelled it, so Nagendran blackmails her by using the pictures. Surya is shocked that Nagendran has been a bad friend all his life. Nagendran invites Simha Perumal and his gang for a drinking party. Mythilli called Surya to stop him. There, Nagendran and Mythilli started to fight. In the meanwhile, Simha Perumal's gang shut down the power, Mythilli was on the floor shot in the head, and there was a gun in Surya's hand. Surya was confused as to how the gun got in his hand. He is accused of shooting Mythilli. Meanwhile, Meghala (Meera Jasmine) is on the case of Mythilli's death. What is Surya's fate like after?

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