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  • 15 Aug 2014
  • 2h 46m
  • Action, Crime, Thriller
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 15 Aug 2014
  • Running time 2h 46m
  • Genres Action, Crime, Thriller


Krishna is a disabled man, who arrives in Mumbai from Kanyakumari to find his brother Raju. A taxi driver named Raja drives him to a bar where he tries to inquire about Raju from the henchmen of Raju's former associate Amar, but is rebuffed. Raju's friend Rajiv tells him that Raju was a top gangster. Krishna then meets Raju's old enemy JK, who reveals Raju spared his life when he could've killed him. JK tells Krishna about Karim Bhai, a close friend of Raju. Upon meeting Karim, Krishna learns that Raju and his brotherly friend Chandru were powerful gangsters to whom Karim himself was a personal friend, while Johnny, Rajiv, Jackie, Manoj and Amar were their henchmen. The new commissioner tried to get rid of them.

However, Raju kidnapped the commissioner's daughter Jeeva on the night of her marriage, in exchange for freeing his men. The commissioner was forced to agree, but Jeeva explains that she didn't want to get married and her kidnapping was also her consent. Soon, the two fall for each other. Raju and Chandru met a powerful crime boss named Imran Bhai from Dubai, who insulted and warned them instead. Chandru took the insult seriously and stayed awake all night, but becomes delighted upon finding that Raju kidnapped him at the party itself. The duo met Imran at a spot where he was held captive by Rajiv and have their verbal revenge. Delighted, Chandru gifted a brand new car to Raju, who finds Jeeva inside where Chandru told Raju to enjoy the vacation with Jeeva.

During their vacation, Raju and Jeeva were attacked, but they managed to escape. Returning to his hood, Raju was shattered to find Chandru's mutilated corpse, and in a fit of rage, ordered Amar to accompany him in killing Imran. However, Raju was betrayed by Amar, who shot him, throwing him into the water. After the conversation, Krishna is told by Karim to stay hidden when Amar arrives at his taxi station, but is spotted and reveals that he killed Raju. Amar orders his henchmen to kill Krishna, but Krishna, who is revealed to be Raju, fights off everyone and shoots Amar dead. He tells Karim that he intends to stay as Krishna unless his mission to hunt down the traitors is accomplished, and stays at Karim's home.

Karim tells that Chandru was supposed to meet J.K on the day he died and Jackie didn't tag along. Raju finds Jackie at a horse race stadium and chases after him, making him to reveal that he tried to contact Raju (who was on vacation) and Chandru, but Chandru's call was answered by Johnny. Suspecting a mishap, Jackie escaped. Raju catches Johnny using the latter's girlfriend Sindhu. Johnny reveals that on the day of the meeting between Chandru and J.K., Imran and his henchmen arrived instead of J.K. Chandru fought them off, but was held by Johnny, Amar and Manoj (who were bribed by Imran) where he was stabbed to death. Raju called on Chandru's phone to ask about his safety, but was answered by Amar, who lied about him being in a meeting.

Learning the truth, Raju kills Johnny and proceeds to kill Manoj along with his henchmen in an ensuing fight. Raju tries to kill Imran at his birthday party but ends up shooting only his virtual projection telecast from Dubai. Raju and Karim learn that Imran's henchmen arrived at the latter's house and kidnap Saira, but Karim reveals that it was Jeeva, who was kidnapped and not Saira, Jeeva wanted to stay away as well as keep in touch with Raju by wearing a burqa. Raju goes to the spot and fights off all the henchmen and rescues Jeeva, only to be captured and brought to Imran by his henchmen, who then betray him by helping Raju kill Imran and fatally stabs Imran avenging Chandru's death. Raju leaves, but shoots the henchmen, believing that even enemies must not have traitors. Before leaving Mumbai, Raju and Jeeva meet Raja, who is shocked to learn it was Raju all along.


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