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  • 19 Dec 2014
  • 1h 54m
  • Drama, Horror, Mystery
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Pisaasu is a 2014 Indian Tamil gothic horror film written and directed by Mysskin and produced by Bala under B Studios. The film stars newcomers Naga and Prayaga Martin with Raj Kumar and Ashvatt alongside Radharavi, Kalyani Natarajan and Harish Uthaman. The film released on 19 December 2014 to highly positive reviews. 





  • Status Released
  • Release date 19 Dec 2014
  • Running time 1h 54m
  • Genres Drama, Horror, Mystery


Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards - 2014
Best Screenplay Writer

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Siddharth Soundaarajan (Naga) is an upcoming violinist in Chennai, who stumbles upon an accident where a girl (Prayaga) is lying in a pool of blood. He rushes her to the hospital with the help of an auto driver and a couple. However, he is too late and the girl passes away holding his hand. Traumatized by the whole episode, Siddharth comes home with one of her slippers. He then drives around the city aimlessly with his red car while helping homeless people, unable to come out of the depression due to the girl's death.

After the incident, strange things start happening at Siddharth's apartment. He begins to feel a supernatural presence at his house. The house is cleaned up even if he makes it messy and his bottle opener goes missing whenever he tries to drink beer. With the help of his friend Badri (Ashvatt), he employs a psychic to exorcise the ghost, but she turns out to be a fraud and is scared out of the apartment by a strange apparition. Siddharth also comes to realise that his next door neighbour's autistic son plays with an imaginary friend. When Siddharth's mother Janaki (Kalyani Natarajan), comes to visit him, she is hit by a drunk neighbour (Harish Uthaman), who is abusing his wife (Kani Kusruti). The neighbour is then attacked by a mysterious ghost. The following day, Janaki meets with a freak accident in the bathroom and is saved by the ghost who alerts the neighbours. But, Siddharth mistakes that the ghost had attacked his mother and threatens the ghost that he would kill himself and come as a ghost to take revenge on her. Many rituals of various religions to drive the ghost away were performed by Siddharth, but everything is proven futile and the ghost continues to stay. Also, a petty thief is also stabbed while trying to steal from Siddharth's apartment.

Siddharth is assured that the ghost of the girl whose life he tried to save is behind all these strange occurrences and goes in search of her family to see if they can help get rid of her. He finds that girl's name is Bhavani and her father (Radha Ravi) runs a local ice factory. Siddharth confronts the father and asks him to cremate his daughter to save him from her ghost. Siddharth brings the father to his apartment to show him the ghost, when his mother calls from the hospital to tell him that it was actually the ghost who has saved her life. Bhavani's father then tries to see if the ghost is actually trying to protect Siddharth. When the ghost appears as expected, her father begs her to come home with him, but she remains at the apartment. Siddharth understands that Bhavani's spirit never meant him any harm.

Realizing that the only way Bhavani can rest in peace is by bringing her killer to face justice, Siddharth and his friends attempt to solve the mystery of her death themselves. They track down the auto driver that helped Siddharth save Bhavani and he tells them that he saw a green car driving away after the accident. They then manage to track down the green car at a shady workshop. The driver turns out to be a young man who stole an orphaned child from the hospital, since he and his wife cannot have children of their own. The driver's cousin, who was in the car that day tells Siddharth that she saw the actual car that hit Bhavani that day and that it was not green but red, much like Siddharth’s own car. Siddharth then goes back to the auto driver and asks him to differentiate between red apples and green ones, which he cannot since he is colour blind.

Finally realising that he himself is the killer, Siddharth goes to tell Bhavani's father the truth. The ghost tries to stop him, but he still reveals the truth. Over-ridden with guilt, Siddharth tries to commit suicide. Bhavani's spirit saves Siddharth from committing suicide by cremating her own body that her father had preserved all this time in the ice, thus moving on to the next world. Bhavani's father comforts Siddharth by saying that he is a very kind hearted person and he would have never done that intentionally and that is why his daughter fell in love with him and stayed with him.


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