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Tharai Thappattai

  • 14 Jan 2016
  • 2h 15m
  • Action, Drama, Musical
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 14 Jan 2016
  • Running time 2h 15m
  • Genres Action, Drama, Musical


National Film Awards - 2015
Best Music Director


The story opens with a Discovery channel TV team led by an Indian guide woman asking an old man by the name of Saamipulavan to perform his art for their documentary. While he performs but refuses to change for commercial angle, his son, Sannasi and his troupe perform. Sannasi (Sasikumar) is the head of a music troupe, while Sooravali (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) is the chief dancer, who loves him. Times are tough and the troupe jumps at a chance to perform at the Andaman Islands for a hefty sum. But they soon realise that the sponsors are more interested in the women, and not their dance. They are thrown out of the hotel and tickets back home torn when Sooravalli physically assaults them for their improper advances. The troupe manage to save money by manual labour and Sooravalli's performance ending in unconsciousness by fatigue to reach home by ship.

Humiliated, they return home, only to continue their struggle without work. At this time, Sooravali receives a marriage proposal from Karuppaiah (R. K. Suresh), who claims to have a government job and decent salary. Sannasi is angry at first and beats up Karuppaiah, but after Sooravali's mother pleads with him, he forces Sooravali to accept the proposal.

After Sooravali's marriage and departure, the troupe attempts to continue working but is rejected as Sooravali was the main attraction. Sannasi, with the help of the leader of a more successful troupe, finds a replacement but is forced to compromise with his principles and perform at a funeral.

Sannasi's father, Samipulavan (G. M. Kumar), who has always disapproved of what he considers his son's adulteration and lowering of the art form, lambasts him for this. Sannasi retaliates and insults Samipulavan's knowledge and talent, leaving him deeply hurt.

One day, Samipulavan is called to perform a concert in front of high ranking foreign officials, including the Governor of Australia. His performance is appreciated and he is lauded by the governor, finally validating him after years of rejection and obscurity. He returns home and tells Sannasi that he has won, but passes away immediately afterward.

After the funeral, Sooravali's mother visits Sannasi. He expresses his disappointment that Sooravali has never checked in after her marriage, not even upon his father's death. Sooravali's mother breaks down and tells Sannasi that she hasn't heard from Sooravali since the wedding. Sannasi is shocked to learn that Karuppaiah lied about his job and has disappeared with Sooravali.

Sannasi tracks Sooravali down and finds her in an unfamiliar house. It turns out that Karuppaiah is a pimp who married Sooravali so he could fulfill the request of a man who wanted her in return for a favor. Sooravali is eventually forced to be the surrogate for a wealthy man whose astrologer has divined that he requires a female heir born on a specific day, at a specific time.

Sannasi is discovered by Karuppaiah and beaten unconscious. Karuppaiah then takes Sooravali away for the delivery. At the hospital, the doctor refuses to perform a c-section because of complications that would endanger Sooravali or her child. Karuppaiah pays a morgue technician to secretly carry out the c-section.

Because the birth has to occur at a specific time, Karuppaiah instructs the technician to begin only when he whistles. As he and his men wait outside, Sannasi shows up and attacks them. He dispatches Karuppaiah's men and then goes after Karuppaiah, demanding to know Sooravali's whereabouts but Karuppaiah refuses to divulge it. Sannasi kills Karuppaiah by stabbing him in the throat with a piece of wood.

Sannasi then enters the morgue and kills the technician. He finds Sooravali and tries to wake her, but realizes that she has died after the technician carried out the c-section on his own. Sannasi is grief-stricken but upon hearing cries, he discovers that Sooravali's baby has survived. He takes the baby and returns home.


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