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Thiruttu Payale 2

  • 30 Nov 2017
  • 2h 27m
  • Crime, Drama, Thriller
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Thiruttu Payale 2 is a 2017 Indian Tamil thriller film directed and written by Susi Ganeshan. A spiritual successor to his earlier Thiruttu Payale (2006), the film features Bobby Simha, Prasanna and Amala Paul in the lead roles. The film features music composed by Vidyasagar, while Raja Mohammad was the editor. Produced by AGS Entertainment.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 30 Nov 2017
  • Running time 2h 27m
  • Genres Crime, Drama, Thriller

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Selvam is a young police officer who is often transferred from one place to another because of his honesty and sincerity towards his duty as a law enforcer. He rents a room in the same apartment complex as a college student, Agalya. They both fall in love and get married after he gets transferred back to their hometown in Chennai.

Because of Selvam's clean reputation, he is handpicked by a O.Nagarajan IPS, the Inspector General of Police of Police Intelligence, to tape and trace phone calls of VIPs and VVIPs in the state of Tamil Nadu. By tapping these secret conversations, he exposes various scandals that often lead to the downfall of many high-ranking officials and wealthy businessmen. However, he comes to realize that he is never rewarded for his honesty and starts tracing the calls of other members of the elite class that has not been assigned to him. That way, he manages to blackmail them for their Indian black money, which he then registers under the name of a Benami.

One day, Selvam is instructed to tape the incoming and outgoing calls from the house of a high-ranking official. During one such tapping, Selvam comes across a conversation between the official's wife and her secret lover, Balakrishnan, or "Balki". Despite being a topper at his engineering college, Software Engineer Balki spends most of his time seducing various young and married women through Facebook. He receives handsome sums from his victims and lives alone in a palatial bungalow in center of the city after chasing away his father. By mere accident, Selvam discovers that Agal is also one of his many lovers. Selvam then starts tapping his own wife's calls. He soon realizes that Balki is a sociopath who seduces women. After recording their conversations and rendezvous together, Balki blackmails them for money. Initially, Agal trusted Balki as a good friend and shared all her secrets with him, then she discovers his evil intentions and blocks him on Facebook. Balki starts threatening Agal to sleep with him. Enraged, Selvam decides to take the matter in his own hands. With the help of a private detective named Ganesh, he gets the complete details of Balki and confronts him.

Balki reveals that he had already expected Selvam to confront him, and he has already hacked Selvam's personal computer and has stolen all the details of the tapping and evidences that Selvam has collected so far. He has also secretly recorded Agal bathing at their home and uses this to blackmail Selvam. Selvam tries to abduct Balki but is forced to let him go after discovering that Balki has stored all the hacked data on his online Swiss bank account. If he does not key in his secret password within a specific time period on a day-to-day basis, the data will be leaked automatically, tarnishing both Selvam's personal and professional life.

Selvam then arranges for one of his female subordinates to seduce Balki while he is at a local café. Meanwhile, he and a computer hacker he knows break into Balki's home to hack into his Swiss account. However, Balki has installed multiple firewalls that make his account foolproof. When Balki returns home, he realizes that Selvam has broken in and ran away before he returned. He decides to enrage him even more by forcing Agal to meet him at his home. She comes only to tell him to leave her alone or she would tell her husband about him. Balki ignores her threats by coming straight to her home. Both Selvam and Agal pretend to be nice to him in order to keep their own secrets while Balki enjoys himself tormenting them. Selvam feels that Balki is not serious about leaking the audio files and goes to meet Balki's estranged father, to get his help to bring down the sociopath.

To provoke Selvam even further, Balki leaks a taping of a Inspector general of Police in order to get Selvam into trouble. Thinking he would get into trouble, Selvam is instead congratulated by Nagarajan for publicly removing his fellow IPS from competing with him for job of State Director general of Police. However, when the scandal escalates, the higher-ups in the police decide they need a scapegoat to take responsibility, and they try to frame Selvam. Police suddenly raid Selvam's house and it causes an uproar in police colony. Realizing that Nagarajan is framing him, he blackmails him with his Audio-tapes, which are proof enough to destroy Nagarajan. All complaints against Selvam are dropped, and he is permitted for one-week foreign holiday.

Selvam's Benami has invested all the money they have looted so far on the construction of a luxurious holiday resort in Langkawi, Malaysia. Selvam ignores all of Balki's phone calls and instead takes Agal to the resort for a short vacation. Once there, he reveals that he has been approached to become the head of security for this new resort and he plans to leave the police force. At the same time, Balki is infuriated that Selvam is ignoring him and comes to the resort to confront him. While Selvam is away, Balki breaks into their holiday suite and tries to rape Agal. As he is about to corner her, he falls unconscious, allowing Agal to escape. At the same time, Selvam returns and manages to break into Balki's Swiss account by using his eye for recognition. He erases all of the stolen data and saves himself. It is then revealed that after Balki's father met with Selvam, he finally convinced his son to allow the old man to live with him, as a servant. To stop Balki from doing anymore harm to society, his father has been slowly poisoning him with small doses of poison that eventually leads him into a permanent vegetative state. The final component of the poisoning was done at the transit airport, by a call girl set by selvam.

Selvam and Agal return to India to make the final arrangements before they immigrate overseas. Balki is shown to have become vegetative. However, Selvam's Benami is shown to be mysteriously killed, and Selvam has lost his wealth. He was actually killed by Ganesh who has looted all the property amassed by Selvam.


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