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  • 14 Jan 1982
  • 0m
  • Musical
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 14 Jan 1982
  • Running time 0m
  • Genres Musical


Sivagami Nachiyar is an arrogant millionaire who lives with her two daughters Geetha and Sitta in her palatial, ancestral bungalow. She is extremely strict with everyone, including her two daughters, and forbids them from looking out of the house window, or even stepping out of the house. She also insults and rejects many millionaire suitors for them, which disappoints her daughters as they feel that they may not get married at all. However things take a turn when Nachiyar leaves home on an important work for ten days. Relieved, Geetha and Seeta finally venture out of the house. They run into two petty crooks, Buddy Raju and Putturaja. After some hilarious confrontations, they eventually fall in love with them. However, Nachiyar has rejected numerous millionaires themselves, so her daughters know that she will never, in her wildest dreams, accept two petty crooks as her sons-in-law.

On finding out that her daughters are in love with two hapless boys, she arranges their wedding with two princes from France. However they are none other than Buddy Raju and Putturaja in disguise. Nachiyar's brother-in-law, a gym wrestler, had planned the entire event to unite his nieces with the men they loved. After the engagement, Nachiyar find out their true identity and falsely accuses them of stealing her jewels. She quickly arranges her daughters wedding with a millionaire's sons while Buddy Raju and Putturaja are in prison.

Will Geetha and Sitta ever unite with the ones they love? Will Nachiyar ever change her ways? This forms the rest of the story. The movie puts across the quest for freedom, love and relationship in a humorous manner.

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