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  • 14 Jan 1990
  • 2h 27m
  • Drama
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Panakkaran is a Tamil masala film directed by P. Vasu. A remake of the Hindi film Lawaaris (1981), it stars Rajinikanth and Gautami. The film was released on 14 January 1990, Pongal day, and ran for more than 175 days in theatres.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 14 Jan 1990
  • Running time 2h 27m
  • Genres Drama


Rajinikanth, Gouthami, Vijayakumar, Charan Raj, Radha Ravi, Pandu, Gopi, Sumithra, Sathyapriya, Janagaraj, Senthamarai

Sumithra is a famous singer and she is in love with Vijayakumar, a leading business man. She gets pregnant before wedding but Vijayakumar wants it to be aborted. Sumithra, who doesn't want to abort her child, decides to break up with Vijayakumar and she leaves with her brother Radharavi without informing Vijayakumar. Sumithra gives birth to a baby boy but Radharavi takes away the baby and gives it to Senthamarai asking him to kill the baby and lies to Sumithra that the baby was a stillborn. Sumithra leaves the hospital without informing anyone and even Radharavi doesn't know her whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Senthamarai, a drunkard decides to raise the baby On his own instead of killing it with the intention of making some money with the help of baby. He names the baby as Muthu. Muthu gets a job in a factory which is owned by Saranraj, who happens to be the son of Vijayakumar and Sathyapriya. It is shown that Vijayakumar leads an unhappy life with his wife Sathyapriya in an estate. He feels guilty about his betrayal to Sumithra thinking she is dead and Radharavi uses this opportunity to make some money out of it.

Muthu understands that workers are not paid properly in Saranraj's factory and decides to fight against it which angers Saranraj and Radharavi. Latha, who happens to be Radharavi's only daughter falls in love with Muthu without knowing his true identity. One day, Muthu breaks the liquor bottles as Senthamarai buy dozens of alcohol bottles in Muthu's first salary. Senthamarai gets furious seeing this and reveals that Muthu is an orphan which makes Muthu worry and he leaves Senthamarai's home. Later Saranraj transfers Muthu to work in his estate present at a hill station with the plan of killing him. Muthu meets Vijayakumar in the estate and gets into his good books. During a function, Saranraj plans to kill Muthu but accidentally Vijayakumar gets hurt and is in need of a rare blood group for surgery. Now it is revealed that Sumithra is alive and she stays in an ashram. Seeing the advertisement for blood requirement, she comes forward to save Vijayakumar. On the way, Saranraj and Radharavi tries to kill her so that Vijayakumar will also die. But Muthu saves her. Now it is revealed that Muthu is the son of Sumithra and they are united. Vijayakumar is saved and he marries Sumithra with the consent of Sathyapriya.


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