Pudhu Padagan poster

Pudhu Padagan

  • 14 Apr 1990
  • 130 min




  • Status Released
  • Release date 14 Apr 1990
  • Running time 130 min


Vijayakanth, Amala, Sarathkumar, Radha Ravi, Chandrasekhar, Chinni Jayanth, Anandaraj, Mano, Rajyalakshmi, Charle

Manikkam and Devi are cousins and they are in love since their childhood. Durai has a sister Valli and she marries Raja. Devi has a brother, a sister-in-law Gowri and a niece Baby.

Manikkam's former boss smuggles idols from the temples and sells them illegally; he also desires to wed Devi. One day, Manikkam finds the culprit and sends him to jail. Valli and her husband have trouble with Arumugam. Manikkam goes to Raja's village to solve their troubles.

Baby vanishes several times and the doctor says that Baby has a serious disease. To save Baby, they must have a lot of money but the doctor's son asks Devi to marry him and they will operate Baby for free.

When Manikkam is back to his village, he sees Devi married. Devi goes to the doctor's house and the doctor's mother is found dead. Manikkam tells what happened in Raja's village. Raja killed Arumugam, who beat his wife Valli, and Manikkam to save his brother-in-law went to jail for six months.

Lonely without his lover, Manikkam becomes mad. Devi's husband has a car accident and dies before their wedding night. Devi's father-in-law advises her to go to her village to forget this misadventure. Devi's father-in-law treats Manikkam but he fails. With Devi's help, Manikkam becomes again as before and the doctor tells Devi's choice.

Manikkam's former boss tries to rape Devi, but Manikkam kills him and Devi also dies because of her injuries.

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