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Ullathai Allitha

  • 15 Jan 1996
  • 2h 29m
  • Comedy, Drama
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Ullathai Allitha is 1996 Tamil Comedy Cult film directed by Sundar C. The film starred Karthik, Rambha and Goundamani in the lead roles.The film's score and soundtrack are composed by Sirpi. The film was a Blockbuster at the box office.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 15 Jan 1996
  • Running time 2h 29m
  • Genres Comedy, Drama


Raja is the only son of retired military colonel Chandrasekhar, who raises his son very strictly. Chandrasekhar decides to get Raja married to his friend Viswanathan's daughter Indhu. Vishwanathan is one of the richest men in Ooty and is a tea estate owner. Raja misunderstands another girl as Indhu (Chandrasekhar's nephew Shankar switched Indhu's photo with another girl) and decides to run away from Chennai to escape the forced marriage. Unknown to Chandrasekhar, Shankar plans to grab his properties by triggering Raja to leave the house.

Raja runs away and reaches Ooty, where he meets Vasu, a con artist, and despite initial setbacks both become friends. One day, Raja sees Indhu in Ooty and gets attracted towards her, not knowing that she was the girl fixed for him by his father. Raja follows Indhu and finds her home. Later Raja secures a driver job in Viswanathan's home to woo Indhu.

Raja gives his family ring to Vasu to prevent him from disclosing the truth to Viswanathan, but Viswanathan misunderstands that Vasu is Chandrasekhar's son as he wears the ring now. Viswanathan brings Vasu to his home and introduces him as Indhu's fiancé. One day, a gang tries to attack Vasu, but he is saved by Raja, which makes him understand that there is someone looking out to kill him, so Raja decides to remain in the identity of a driver to unearth the reason behind the goons trying to attack him.

Viswanathan informs Chandrasekhar that his son is found but asks him not to come immediately to see him as he dislikes his father. Meanwhile, at Ooty, Raja tries to impress Indhu, while Vasu is attracted towards Viswanathan's personal secretary Meena. Slowly, love blossoms between Indhu and Raja. Suddenly, Chandrasekhar comes to Ooty to Viswanathan's home to meet Raja. A problem erupts as Raja is in the guise of a driver. Both Raja and Vasu try to manage by roaming together for a few days so that they can convince both Viswanathan and Chandrasekhar.

Meanwhile, Shankar gets furious upon knowing that Raja is found. He befriends Kasinathan, who is Viswanathan's twin brother. However, Kasinathan is a criminal who has just been released from jail. They kidnap Viswanathan, and now, Kasinathan comes to Viswanathan's place so that he can enjoy all the properties and wealth. Doubt erupts for Raja and Vasu upon seeing Kasinathan as he spends money lavishly, compared to Viswanathan, who is very stingy.

Raja and Vasu secretly follow Kasinathan and finds the whereabouts of Viswanathan and the plan behind his kidnap. Raja is shocked to see his cousin Shankar there as he is the master brain behind all the events. A hilarious fight follows, where in the end, Shankar and Kasinathan get arrested. It is also revealed that Raja is the son of Chandrasekhar. Raja unites with Indhu, while Vasu unites with Meena.


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