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  • 01 Aug 2008
  • 2h 45m
  • Comedy, Drama, Family
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Kuselan is a 2008 Indian Tamil language drama film directed by P. Vasu. A remake of the Malayalam film Kadha Parayumbol (2007), it was produced by Pushpa Kandaswamy, Aswani Dutt and G. P. Vijayakumar in two languages. Kuselan stars Pasupathy and Meena in lead roles. Rajinikanth plays an extended cameo role. The film was simultaneously made in Telugu as Kathanayakudu, with most of Rajinikanth's scenes being dubbed from the Tamil version except the climax scene that features him alongside Jagapathy Babu.




  • Status Released
  • Release date 01 Aug 2008
  • Running time 2h 45m
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Family


Balakrishnan is a poor barber living in the small village of Marayoor alongside his wife Sridevi and three children. He has a small independent barbershop in the marketplace. However, another barber named Shanmugam owns a much more developed independent barbershop, and he has employees and revolving chairs. Balakrishnan is criticized for not paying the school fees on time. A local goon named Kuppusamy also disrupts the number of visitors to Balakrishnan's barbershop. He can get his daughter back into school after advising the nun working at his daughter's school who offers to pay the fees herself. An actor named Nagercoli Nagaraj unexpectedly visits the village and demands heavy amounts of daily supplies. Kuppusamy asks why, and Nagercoil explains that Kollywood actor Superstar Ashok Kumar will be in the village for several different movie shoots.

When Ashok Kumar arrives alongside several other actors participating including Nayanthara, Vijayakanth, and Nizhagal Ravi. They are given a huge welcome by the village. Due to the village being located near the Tamilnadu-Andra Pradesh Border, the Naxalite-Maoist insurgency was raging across the border the District collector advises Ashok Kumar that the filming procedure be done somewhere else for his safety. Ashok Kumar refuses, so heavy police reinforcements led by Sentilnathan IPS are called to the village. Sridevi alongside her children knows of a tale Balakrishna use to state: 30 years ago, Ashok Kumar and Balakrishna were best friends who eventually got separated as time went on. She and the children ask Balakrishna if they could meet Ashok Kumar and take a photo with him. Balakrishna is worried if Ashok had forgotten about him, being that people with fame and money usually forget about their past. Shanmugam's wife Sona asks Shanmugan if they could get a photo with Ashok Kumar. Shanmugam tried several techniques but fail.

Sridevi starts spreading the news that her husband Balakrishnan and Ashok Kumar were friends in their childhood. Balakrishnan gets relatively popular and people believe he could somehow bring Ashok Kumar to take photos with everyone. Meanwhile, Ashok Kumar works on two films: Vettaiyan, and Annamalai 2. Both films are sequels to previous films he created: Chandramukhi and Annaamalai. Kuppusamy helps Balakrishnan with renovating the barbershop. Shanmugam successfully breaks into the guest house Ashok Kumar is staying in and disguises himself as a helper. He is able to get a photo of Ashok Kumar with his wife and proudly shows the village. People start doubting if Balakrishana was a friend of Ashok Kumar as a commoner was able to get a photo with Ashok Kumar, but not him. Kuppusamy is angered when he comes to the conclusion Balakrishnan lied. He tells the entire village, which causes his children to get backlashed and they start disliking their father.

His eldest daughter's school was able to get Ashok Kumar to attend a function for him at the school. It was also his last filming day. Balakrishnan decides to fulfill Sridevi's desire of at least seeing Ashok Kumar and they attend the school function. There, Ashok Kumar makes a speech recalling his childhood days, when he was extremely poor. It was Balakrishnan himself that helped Ashok Kumar during his hard times, and even suggested that Ashok Kumar should get into acting. Ashok Kumar tearfully explains that it was Balakrishnan that gave him everything. When they return home, his children ask for forgiveness for ignoring him. Then, Ashok Kumar visits them unexpectedly and emotionally reunites with Balakrishnan. He then suggests to Balakrishnan to move to Chennai where he could give Balakrishnan and his family a house near his as well as a barbershop for Balakrishnan. Balakrishnan declines but promises to keep in contact with Ashok Kumar. Ashok Kumar leaves the village, satisfied that he found his long-lost friend.

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