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Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga

  • U
  • 14 Aug 2015
  • 2h 27m
  • Comedy, Romance
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  • Status Released
  • Certificate U
  • Release date 14 Aug 2015
  • Running time 2h 27m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance


Vaasu and Saravanan are best friends. When Vaasu's marriage was going to be fixed with Seema, Saravanan wants to first interview Seema to see if she is a suitable bride for Vaasu. A series of comedic incidents happens during the interview and during the marriage of Vasu and Seema, which angers and embarrasses Seema. To make matters worse, Saravanan plays a prank during Vaasu's marriage night, which makes Vaasu end up in hospital with a broken disc.

An angry Seema wants Vaasu to break his friendship with Saravanan and declares that nothing between them until then. Vaasu does not want to break his friendship with Saravanan directly as to not hurt Saravanan's feelings. He gets the help of his friend Gautham, who tells him to get Saravanan married. Vaasu helps Saravanan get a girlfriend in the hopes that the girlfriend will be a reason to end the friendship. Saravanan and Vaasu go to, where Saravanan falls for Aishwarya Balakrishnan, who works there.

Aishwarya, who initially dislikes Saravanan, eventually agrees to his love. As Saravanan had interviewed Seema before she married Vaasu, Vaasu interviews Aishwarya at a café. A fight breaks out between Aishwarya and Vaasu, forcing Saravanan to choose between the two. Saravanan chooses Aishwarya and breaks his friendship with Vaasu. Vaasu later exits the café dramatically but secretly enjoys outside by dancing.

Vaasu reunites with Seema, but minutes later, Saravanan appears, revealing that he was only lying in front of Aishwarya that he had broken their friendship. Seema feels cheated as Vaasu had promised Seema upon their future child that their friendship was cut. Seema is furious and leaves to her mother's place. Vaasu gets irritated and tells Saravanan to leave and never show his face again.

That night, Gautham tells Vaasu that Saravanan had broken up with Aishwarya for him. Vaasu immediately rushes to see him, and they reunite. They decide to start a club of men who have been cheated by their wives or girlfriends. This turns out to be successful. They are also supported by Akila Chechi, the leader of Akila Indian Men Security Club. Then, Assistant Commissioner Vetrivel arrives and tells the trio to join up with their wives by lying that they have their friendship cut.


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