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  • 14 Apr 2016
  • 2h 37m
  • Action, Crime, Thriller
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 14 Apr 2016
  • Running time 2h 37m
  • Genres Action, Crime, Thriller


Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards - 2016
Best Child Artist


Joseph Kuruvilla is a non-violent person, who runs a bakery and lives with his five-year old daughter Niveditha "Nivi" and they lead a peaceful life. Joseph soon befriends Nivi's teacher Annie, who starts developing a crush on him. However, Annie learns that Joseph is actually DCP Vijay Kumar, an honest cop in Chennai. When confronted with the truth, Joseph reveals his past. One night, Vijay meets an old man who comes up with a complaint to find his missing daughter Raji, an IT worker, where he investigates the case and within ten hours, only to find that she was sexually assaulted to death.

Vijay's further investigation led him to Ashwin, who is the son of Labour minister Vanamaamalai. After three days of Raji's death, Vijay heads to Vanamaamalai's house to arrest Ashwin, but Vanamaamalai and commissioner Sibi Chakravarthy inform him that Ashwin was missing since three days and Vijay was tasked of finding Ashwin. However, Vanamaamalai learns that Ashwin was murdered by Vijay himself, where he swears to seek vengeance on him for killing his son. One day, Vijay meets Mithra, a medical student where love blossoms grew between them and they decided to get married. However, Mithra was worried about Vijay's safety after an attack from Vanamaamalai's henchmen, but Vijay convinced her and both of them got married, and also given birth to Nivi and led a happy life.

However, Vanamaamalai and his brother Ratnam, along with their henchmen barged into Vijay's house one night, where they killed Mithra and Vijay's mother, and also attempted to drown Nivi. However, an injured Mithra saved the child and made Vijay to take a vow that he will raise Nivi as a non-violent person and would quit the police force. Vijay accepted Mithra's vow and faked his death in order to protect Nivi, before the explosion. After revealing his past, Vijay tells Annie to keep it as a secret from Nivi. During Nivi's excursion, Vanamaamalai knows he is alive, then Joseph sees the school bus swerve, because the brakes of her school bus is damaged and the bus falls from the bridge into a river. With the help of Annie and the local people, Vijay manages to rescue Nivi and other children, where he learns that Vanamaamalai (who has now learnt that Vijay is alive) is behind the accident and returns to his old self to seek vengeance against Vanamaamalai.

Vijay returns to Chennai and kills Inspector Karikalan, who is Vanamaamalai's henchmen and was also present at the night when Mithra was killed. At this point of time, Vanamaamalai and Ratnam have a fallout, where Vijay also kills him at night, by pushing him from the thirtieth floor. Finally, Vijay allows himself to be captured by Vanamaamalai's henchmen, where he kills everyone. The killings continue to be a mystery from the public, but Sibi Chakravarthy is aware that Vijay is alive and secretly re-employs him into the police force. Few years later, Vijay, an older Nivi and Annie are in Ladakh. Vijay, who has changed his identity to Dharmeshwar, continues to work for the CBI and also fulfilling Mithra's wishes.


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