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  • 27 Sep 2017
  • 2h 35m
  • Action, Crime, Thriller
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 27 Sep 2017
  • Running time 2h 35m
  • Genres Action, Crime, Thriller


Mahesh Babu, S. J. Surya, Bharath, Rakul Preet Singh, Priyadarshi Pullikonda, RJ Balaji, Nadhiya
Action, Crime, Thriller

Shiva is an I.B. officer who spies on people's calls and messages to help them if needed. He developed a software to listen to the needy by tracking their phones. On the night of March 16, he listens to Charlie/Shalini talking about her wish on getting 98% in her exams from 96% to get a USA scholarship with her friend. In order to do that, she decides to go on a blind date with a guy believing it will help her concentrate on her studies. Shiva follows her and both start to fall for each other. However, he finds it hard to focus on his love life because of his job. On the night of 28 April, Shiva listens to a young girl asking her friend for help as she is alone in her house and scared, due to unavailability of electricity in her house, whilst everyone else on her street has the availability.

Alarmed, Shiva sends his constable friend Renuka, to the girl's address as her aid. However, the next day, news headlines report about the gruesome death of the two women. Shiva visits the crime scene and resigns from the IB, due to guilt, but his father encourages him to find the killer. Shiva sets out to spy the girl's chats and whereabouts, where he finds out that a guy followed her at a café. Through Facebook, Shiva is able to track down another person who knew the stalker. With the provided information, he travels to the village where the stalker grew up and begins his search. From an elderly villager, Shiva finally learns about the man's past. Sudalai/Bhairavudu lived with his mother, father and a younger brother at a cemetery.

Sudalai/Bhairavudu's father had to do funeral rites for the dead to feed his family, but this occupation leads to Sudalai/Bhairavudu suffering from S.P.D. and develops an unusual desire to kill victims and watch the victims's families grieving. One day, a village kid witness him killing someone, where he reveals this to the villagers. The infuriated mob decided to burn Sudalai/Bhairavudu's house, killing his parents. Enraged, Sudalai/Bhairavudu left the village to continue his killing spree along with his younger brother. After a roller coaster chase in Wonderla, Shiva catches Sudalai/Bhairavudu and interrogates him in a dense hideout, but learns that he is actually Sudalai/Bhairavudu's brother. Sudalai/Bhairavudu comes on Live (with a mask covered on his face) and reveals he killed 23 people and hid their corpse in 23 pillars of a metro bridge, and threatens the citizens to leave his brother unscathed and also reveals that he plans to destroy a hospital.

Shiva kills Sudalai/Bhairavudu's brother in front of the 23 people's families, including an enraged Sudalai/Bhairavudu, who is hiding in the crowd. An upset Sudalai/Bhairavudu plans to kill Shiva's family, but Shiva finds out when his mother calls him and tells him she is scared because there is no electricity at their house whilst everyone else on the street does, exactly the same way as what the deceased girl had said earlier. With the help of his team members, Shiva is able to save his family; However, Shiva himself becomes Sudalai/Bhairavudu's next target, where he tries to kill Shiva on his way home, who is impaled on a truck. Shiva slowly recovers and resumes the search for Bhairavudu/Sudalai as he had shot him before he fell unconscious. Shiva deduces that Sudalai/Bhairavudu has hidden himself in a house where he can heal, but has imprisoned the owners.

Through the use of technology and local ladies, Shiva finds Sudalai/Bhairavudu and arrests him, but Sudalai/Bhairavudu tells him that he had already planned a rock fall in the city. Shiva manages to stop the big rock whilst Sudalai/Bhairavudu escapes from police custody and continues with his plan to destroy a hospital. Charlie/Shalini learns about the targeted hospital, but refuses to tell Shiva due to a misunderstanding. Shiva tracks down her taxi, and she tells him about the hospital. Shiva rushes to the hospital and starts to evacuate the people inside, where he could save as many people as he could, but couldn't save some patients, which leaves him heartbroken. Sudalai/Bhairavudu sees Shiva's grieveness and becomes delighted. Shiva and Sudalai/Bhairavudu fight where Shiva overpowers and kills Sudalai/Bhairavudu and tells the media about the importance of helping others.


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