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Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu

  • 15 Sep 2022
  • 2h 57m
  • Action, Crime, Drama
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Thanindhathu Kaadu The Kindling is a musical gangster film directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon, written by B. Jeyamohan and produced by Ishari K. Ganesh.





  • Status Released
  • Release date 15 Sep 2022
  • Running time 2h 57m
  • Genres Action, Crime, Drama


Muthuveeran is a B.Sc graduate from a village in Tamil Nadu, Naduvakurichi in Tuticorin who spends his days picking thorns in the sun. When the field he works at catches fire, the owner threatens to call the police on Muthu. His mother, Lakshmi, learns about his aggressive and impulsive behaviour when Muthu threatens to kill the owner with a sickle. Fearing for Muthu's life, Latchumi takes Muthu and his younger sister Gomathi to their uncle Chermadurai for finding him a job, elsewhere. Chermadurai arranges for Muthu's job in Chembur, Mumbai. After attending a phone call, Chermadurai is panic-stricken and gives Muthu a letter to post, as soon as possible.

The next morning, Chermadurai is found dead in his room, having committed suicide. Instead of posting the letter, Muthu goes to the address mentioned in it, to Mumbai, where he takes up work in a parotta store owned by Esakki and starts earning money for his struggling family. During this time, another worker named Saravanan helps Muthu adjust to Mumbai. Muthu also falls in love with Paavai, who works in a garment shop opposite the store. Muthu and a bunch of the parotta store workers go to a movie where a scuffle ends up with Maasanam, one of the workers, shooting a man. Maasanam and Arunjunai, another worker, go to murder a man, they end up getting killed Muthu learns from Saravanan that Esakki is working for Senthooran who in turn works for Karukkavel "Kaarji", a gangster from Tirunelveli.

Kaarji's main rival is a Malayali gangster named Kutty Krishnan Nair "Kutty Bhai" whose gang is constantly at odds with Kaarji's. Muthu also learns that Chermadurai used to work for Kaarji. When Kaarji and Kutty Bhai had a fallout, Kutty Bhai arranged an attack on him at a temple where Kaarji escaped and assumed Chermadurai to be a mole for Kutty Bhai. Fearing that Kaarji might kill him, Chermadurai left for his hometown. Unable to prove his innocence, Chermadurai took his own life. Realizing this, Muthu and Sridharan, a man Kutty Bhai uses as a sex slave, decide to leave Mumbai. However, Sridharan is caught and Muthu is forced to kill Kutty Bhai's henchmen who attack the parotta store during the night.

Muthu and the others hit back by killing Kutty Bhai's brother which impresses Kaarji, who appoints Muthu as his bodyguard. Muthu starts making money, which he sends to Latchumi and Gomathi. 6 months later, Muthu works with Kaarji as his bodyguard and becomes one of Kaarji's most trusted men. During what was supposed to be a meeting with an actress, Kaarji is ambushed by Kutty Bhai's men but Muthu fends them off and saves Kaarji. Kaarji orders Muthu and his men to kill Kutty Bhai but they fail to succeed. A meeting between Kaarji, Kutty Bhai and Rauf Bhai, the man controlling Mumbai is set up where Rauf Bhai says that if either Kaarji or Kutty Bhai dies, the other one will die as well. Meanwhile, Paavai meets Muthu again and despite learning about his profession, agrees to Muthu's marriage proposal and soon after, get married.

Kutty Bhai, in his anger for Kaarji however, hires a contract killer named Rawthar to kill Kaarji, Kutty Bhai has Rawthar kidnap and drug Paavai and Saravanan tells Muthu that Kaarji had taken her as a mistress. Muthu goes after Kaarji, intending to kill him and finds Paavai in Kaarji's hotel room. Kaarji is shocked to see Paavai and in the confusion, Rawthar jumps at Muthu, grabs his gun, shoots Kaarji and plants the gun in Muthu's hand. Kaarji's bodyguards arrive and word soon spreads that Muthu killed Kaarji. Muthu suspects Saravanan and finds out that he actually works for Kutty Bhai and was the reason behind Kaarji's death. Saravanan gets killed by his own men as they show their loyalty to Muthu.

Rawthar tries to kill Muthu and Paavai but only manages to sever one of Muthu's fingers before escaping. Muthu takes Paavai to a hospital. Esakki kidnaps Paavai's family as he thinks that Muthu killed Kaarji. Muthu goes to the parotta store and explains that he didn't kill Kaarji before leaving, having decided to lead a normal life. Simultaneously, Kutty Bhai is killed by Sridharan's girlfriend, as he harasses her while celebrating Kaarji's death. 5 years later, Muthu has become a highly respected gangster in Lucknow, where Paavai and he are married. Muthu is shown to have a son who had died. Apart from his daily life as a crime boss, Muthu led a happy life with Paavai and their son. However, their son is killed in an attack meant for Muthu.

With the help of Iyer, Muthu arranges a meeting with the gangsters in Allahabad and manages to kill them. Reeling from the loss of his son, Muthu stumbles upon Sridharan, who is married and working as a barber. Muthu's journey of becoming a crime boss and how Sridharan escaped from Kutty Bhai's henchmen will be continued in the sequel.


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