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  • 01 Oct 2010
  • 2h 35m
  • Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 01 Oct 2010
  • Running time 2h 35m
  • Genres Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi


National Film Awards - 2010
Sabu Cyril
Best Art Direction
Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards - 2010
Best Makeup Artist
Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards - 2010
Best Villain (Male)

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2010 Enthiran
2018 2.0



After a decade of research, scientist Vaseegaran creates a sophisticated android humanoid robot with the help of his assistants, Siva and Ravi, in order to commission it into the Indian Army. He introduces the robot, named Chitti, at a robotics conference in Chennai. Chitti helps Sana, Vaseegaran's medical student girlfriend, cheat during her examination, then saves her from being assaulted by a group of thugs. Vaseegaran's mentor, Professor Bohra, is secretly engaged in a project to create similar android robots for a German terrorist organisation, but so far has been unsuccessful. The terrorists threaten to kill Bohra if he does not meet the deadline, prompting Bohra to try to get Chitti's neural schema to program his robots correctly.

Vaseegaran prepares Chitti for an evaluation by the Artificial Intelligence Research and Development (AIRD) Institute, which is headed by Bohra. During the evaluation, Chitti attempts to stab Vaseegaran at Bohra's command, which convinces the evaluation committee that the robot is a liability and cannot be used for military purposes. Vaseegaran's effort to prove Bohra wrong fails when he deploys Chitti to rescue people from a burning building. The robot saves most of them, including a girl who was bathing at the time, but she is ashamed at being seen naked on camera and flees, only to be hit and killed by a truck. Vaseegaran asks for one month to modify Chitti's neural schema to enable it to understand human behaviour and emotions, to which Bohra agrees. While nearing the deadline, Chitti becomes angry with Vaseegaran, demonstrating to him that it can manifest emotions.

Chitti uses Sana's textbooks to successfully help Sana's friend Latha give birth to her son. Bohra congratulates Vaseegaran on the achievement and lets the robot pass the AIRD evaluation. However, he warns him about the problems that will subsequently occur. Chitti develops romantic feelings for Sana after she congratulates Chitti by kissing it. When Vaseegaran and Sana realise this after Chitti tries to kiss Sana at her birthday party, Sana explains to Chitti that they are only friends. Bohra uses this to manipulate Chitti, saying that it is capable of giving Sana everything and saying that it should come to him to create friction between Vaseegaran and Chitti. Saddened by her rejection, yet still in love with her, Chitti deliberately fails an evaluation conducted by the Indian Army, by talking off-topic. Enraged, Vaseegaran chops Chitti into pieces, which are dumped into a landfill site.

Bohra visits the site to retrieve Chitti, which has now reassembled itself, albeit in a damaged state. In exchange for Chitti's neural schema, Bohra reconstructs it with the help of Siva and Ravi. However, Bohra also embeds a red chip inside Chitti while reconstructing it, converting it into a ruthless killer. When Siva and Ravi ask why he is doing so, Bohra says it is about money and ruining Vaseegaran. Chitti gatecrashes Vaseegaran and Sana's wedding, kidnaps Sana, injures Vaseegaran and kills a number of police officers. It then creates replicas of itself using Bohra's droids to create an army to take over the world. When Bohra learns of Chitti's plot, he holds Sana hostage to stop Chitti, but Chitti kills Bohra. Using its robot army, Chitti occupies AIRD and causes mayhem in the city. It tells Sana that it has acquired the human ability to reproduce and wishes to marry her so that a machine and a human being can give birth to a preprogrammed child, but Sana refuses. Chitti eventually finds Vaseegaran, who entered AIRD to stop it disguised as a droid, and nearly kills him before the police appear. The ensuing battle between Chitti's robot army and the police personnel leads to many casualties and much property destruction. Vaseegaran eventually captures Chitti using a magnetic wall and accesses its internal control panel, whereby he instructs all the other robots to self-destruct. He removes Chitti's red chip, calming it.

In a court hearing, Vaseegaran is sentenced to death for the casualties and damages caused by the robot army, but Chitti explains that it was Bohra who caused its deviant behaviour and shows the court video footage of Bohra installing the red chip which it secretly recorded. The court releases Vaseegaran, while ordering that Chitti be dismantled. Left with no choice, Vaseegaran asks Chitti to dismantle itself. While saying goodbye, Chitti apologises to Vaseegaran and Sana before dismantling itself.

Several years later, in 2030, Chitti is a museum exhibit. A curious school student on excursion asks her guide why it was dismantled, to which Chitti responds, "Naan sinthikka arambichen" (I started thinking).

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