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All in All Azhagu Raja

  • 02 Nov 2013
  • 2h 40m
  • Comedy, Romance
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  • Status Released
  • Release date 02 Nov 2013
  • Running time 2h 40m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance


Azhagu Raja, is the only son of the Muthukrishnan family. He owns an unpopular cable channel called "Triple A" in Tenkasi. The cable company has only two employees, Raja and Kalyanam. Nothing they do improves the company's fortunes. By chance, Raja meets Chitra Devi Priya when she is singing at a wedding. Her unusual voice irritates him, and they argue. However, Priya eventually agrees that she cannot sing well. Priya says she fails at everything she tries, even suicide. As their friendship blossoms, Raja tells his father Muthukrishnan, about Priya which triggers a memory in Muthukrishnan about his past.

Muthukrishnan used to work for Burma Ramaswamy after being recommended by Kali. Meenakshi his daughter, falls for him. Seeing his hard work and dedication, Ramaswamy promotes him to more responsible work in the theater and appoints Kali under him. Meena asks for an answer in two days. But an enraged Kali, filled with jealousy, plots to pit Ramaswamy against Muthukrishnan and is successful when Muthukrishnan is ousted by Ramaswamy due to a misunderstanding.

Raja steps into Muthukrishnan's 1980s world. Muthukrishnan and Priya's father Kandhaswamy reject Raja's marriage to Priya. Muthukrishnan and Kandhaswamy meet and realize that jealousy of Kali, Kalyanam's father, was the reason for the problems of the families; finally Kalyanam tells the real story & both families unite to marry Raja and Priya.[5]


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